Top 5 Dramatic Dog Breeds, Recommended By Veterinarians

Like humans, every dog has its own characteristics and personality. Some are known to be extremely loyal, happy-go-lucky, and yes, there are even drama queens. More than 200 animal experts consisting of veterinarians, technicians, breeders, and animal experts expressed their opinions on the most temperamental pooches in the world.

We’ve listed the top 5 dogs according to their recommendations. However, we want to hear more from you about which breeds should be added!


5. Dachshund


Dachshunds are known to be quite vocal. They are stubborn and proud, sometimes barking at nothing seemingly to make a point. Still, Doxie lovers are always proud of their pets as they are very devoted and sociable.


4. Pug


‘Big things come in small packages’ – these are the words that come to mind when you see a pug. They are attention seekers and will make sure that your eyes are always on them. Also, Pugs love to repeat actions to receive praise!


3. Beagle


If you love physical activity, then Beagles are the perfect companion. They have a great nose and a big appetite. So, good luck taking them on a walk as they’ll stop to smell everything they encounter.


2. Chihuahua


This dog takes the prize of being the ‘drama queen’ of all dogs. They react to everything around them and are known for showing excitement with their high pitched bark. Therefore, not only are they protective of their owners, they even can show signs of jealousy!


1. Basset Hound


I’m certain that the expression, ‘How can you ignore those loveable eyes?’ is quite common among basset hound owners. Then, they convince people with their ‘hangdog’ expressions and can often lure you to give them treats and rewards. In addition, they have a mind of their own and will stubbornly run wild and howl at the moon despite your commands to stop.

What breeds do you think are dramatic enough to make the list? Comment your recommendations!

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