A Drowning Dog’s Desperate Wish Came True When She Sees Her Rescuers!

When Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers looked inside the well, they saw a poor dog fighting for her life, trying to stay alive. 

This dog fell into a deep well by accident and was desperately trying not to drown. From the rescuer’s description, the dog was visibly losing strength and her grip on the sides of the wall was slipping. Her paws were bleeding after attempting to hold on the slippery walls of the well.

The poor animal may have been swimming for a very long time. Locals in Udaipur in Rajasthan, India went for water in a nearby well saw the poor animal suffering. They immediately called for help.

The rescuers came and repelled down the well and pulled out the dog. They believed that the dog would have drowned if not rescued.

Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited responded in the nick of time to save her life!

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