Why You Should Get Your Kid’s Ears Pierced By A Tattoo Artist

Ear piercing may sound pretty simple but it can lead to complications if not done at the right place, by the right person. While we see pop-up stalls in most malls offering ear piercing services with a discounted price on earrings, these may not be the best place for your precious darling to get her ears pierced.

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Mall kiosks

There are several reasons why the mall kiosks may not be the ideal place for getting your child’s ears pierced. Firstly, the ones who do the process are youngsters, barely out of their teens. Secondly, they don’t have the proper training needed for this procedure. Another reason is that people at the mall kiosk won’t do anything to break the ice with the little girl who’s about to get hurt. But most importantly, these kiosks use piercing guns.

Piercing guns

You might think why piercing guns are bad. Well, here’s why. Their blunt end causes a lot of pain. On top, these guns cannot be completely sterilized and the same is used on a lot of people. Piercings done with this kind of gun does not ensure there would be no infection. In many cases, people have experienced oozing after getting their ears pierced by a gun.

Tattoo parlors

For the new generation of parents, the tattoo parlors offer a much better alternative to mall kiosks for getting their kids’ ears pierced. The reasons are surprising but convincing. For starters, the tattoo parlors maintain a high level of hygiene standards. They use the same machines and procedures that hospitals use to sterilize through high heat and pressure – autoclaves.

Tattoo artists use a very sharp and hollow needle for piercing the ears. These needles don’t hurt as much as it does when the piercing guns come jamming on the earlobes. There are instances where they make the child comfortable by giving a gift or saying something sweet to distract them during the procedure.

On top of that, tattoo artists are trained in their art. They undergo at least a year of internship and watch closely while the maestros do their job before being allowed to do a procedure. Moreover, they are trained to handle medical emergencies and know how to perform CPR. The tattoo artists are equipped to offer the best solutions regarding the types of stones and jewelry according to specific piercings.

Parents Movement

There’s is a rising number of parents who are advocating tattoo parlors for getting their child’s ears pierced. These parents want to bust the myth that tattoo artists have blaring music playing and are foul-mouthed. The facts that the tattoo parlors are much cleaner and therefore more hygienic form the cornerstone of this movement. But at the end of the day, it’s the words of one little girl that will move the needle – that the piercing at the tattoo parlor didn’t hurt.

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