10 Secret Google Search Tips That You Never Knew Before


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The World Wide Web is vast and full of information. From common household recipes to detailed Quantum theory explanation – everything is ready and available on the internet.

However, we often waste needless time (sometimes hours!) searching for the information we need. Also after getting search results on a specific topic, we need to sort through thousands of entries picking out the suitable materials.

We at FeedFond will show a few tricks on how to do a proper search. This effective method of searching on Google (the largest search provider in the world) – will provide your required information in no time. And hey! It’ll take just a few clicks.

#1 This or that

We often search results when we are unsure. But don’t worry! Just put the ‘|’ symbol or use ‘or’ in your search and simply choose the results that suits you the most.

#2 Searching synonyms

When researching online, synonyms can be an important search tool. Find websites and topics on related subjects by putting the ‘~’ symbol.

Example: If you search “healthy ~food” in Google, you will get results about healthy eating, cooking recipes, as well as healthy dining options.

#3 Searching within websites

Sometimes we want to share a piece of interesting article with friends or even for work. The easiest wat way to find it again is to type in the address of the website followed by a keyword or phrase from the article. You’ll be able to find results immediately.

#4 Asterisk Power

The asterisk ‘*’ symbol is a powerful tool when searching forgotten keyword or phrase. Just place the symbol in the place of the word or phrase you can’t recall and you’re good to go!

#5 When a lot of words are missing

If you’ve forgotten a phrase rather than a single keyword try writing the first and last word and insert ‘AROUND + (number of missing words)’ in your search.

Example: ‘You can’t make AROUND(5) eggs’

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#6 Searching within a time frame

At times we want results that are within a certain period of time. If you want a time frame into your search add ‘to’ between the dates.

Example: World population 1900…2000

#7 Searching for a title or URL

If you need help in finding the name of an article type in ‘intitle:’ before the search keyword. Don’t put any spaces between them. In case of a URL type in ‘inurl:’

#8 Finding similar websites

If you are looking for a little more information on a certain topic then checking out similar websites isn’t a bad idea. To find similar topics type in ‘related:’ followed by the address of the site – without any space between them.

#9 Whole Phrases

Need something found exactly the way you typed in? try putting the whole phrase in quotation marks. The search results will only show where the phrase appears specifically and exactly the way you typed it in.

#10 Unimportant search words

To remove unwanted or unimportant search words from your query add a minus ‘-’ symbol before each one.

Example: if you want to watch a movie online but don’t want to download it, type like this in the search box.

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Do you know any more tricks that can make google searches even more effective?

Share them with us!


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