9 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Two Eggs a Day

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A few years back, we all got the scare of our life from news published everywhere about the dangers of having too many eggs.

Well, as it turns out, chicken eggs are great to stave off many diseases and keep us healthy.

Thanks to studies that have been conducted to prove the efficacious property of eggs, you can actually have as many as 3 eggs a day to stay in the pink.

Read on to find out what two eggs a day can do for you.

#9 Slows the Aging Process

In research conducted by Dutch scientists, it was found that 87% of women between 35 and 40 years old felt their skin tightened and lifted with fewer age spots. In men, the wrinkles around the eyes visibly lessened.  

#8 Keeps the Brain Healthy  

Two eggs a day will provide enough choline to your brain to help your communication functions. Choline is the most important building material for the brain—not having enough might lead to memory loss.

#7 Healthy Fetus

Vitamin B9 (occurs naturally in foods) or folic acid (synthetic) are extremely important for developing the red blood cells and the neural tube of the fetus. Folic acid also reduces the risk of mental retardation in the child. So, for all women who are planning to have children, eggs are a must in their diet.

#6 Eyesight

If you want to have sharp vision, eggs are great as they contain a substance called lutein; a lutein deficiency can affect the eye tissues and vision.

#5 Reduces Risk of Cancer

Women’s risk of developing breast cancer reduces by 18% if eggs are consumed daily. The choline contained in eggs fights the risk of cancer.

#4 Vitamin D for Strong Bones and Teeth

Boiled eggs contain the same amount of Vitamin D as a spoonful of fish oil. Chickens who are given special supplements lay eggs with added Vitamin D, which helps the body to better absorb calcium; calcium, in turn, is responsible for your strong bones and teeth.

#3 Losing Weight

Two eggs a day—especially if they are boiled—can help you lose weight by keeping you full and satiated for longer; as a result, your hunger is curbed. If you want to lose weight twice as quickly, include a couple of boiled eggs in your breakfast.

#2 Healthy Skin, Hair and Liver

The protein, biotin and vitamin B12 contained in chicken eggs strengthens the hair and nourishes the skin. Eggs also contain phospholipids which remove toxins from your liver.

#1 Healthy Heart

The cholesterol contained in eggs is balanced with phosphatides that are not at all harmful for your health. In fact, chicken eggs stop the body from producing its own cholesterol. What’s more, the omega-3 acids in eggs decrease the triglyceride levels in your body and thereby reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

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