17 Warm And Emotional Photos To Melt Your Heart


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Life magazine used to publish some very poignant pictures that changed the perspective from which we view life. Such pictures strike a deep chord within us because they either make us extremely happy or sad or be empathetic in a way which we didn’t know we could.

Scroll down to marvel at 17 pictures of life, loss, inspiration and sheer joy to take a harder look at what we call life.


Any form of new life never ceases to give us joy. Even when we are at a broken land with war going on, a simple bloom can be the source of happiness for everyone, be it a soldier or a civilian.


Against all odds, when we taste victory, it is indeed sweet. Even more so for someone who’s handicapped. This proves the adage that where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Loyalty never dies. Even after death. The dog is referred to as man’s best friend for a very valid reason. This is a picture of what true love means.


Another example of what will power can do. This handicapped athlete has made the impossible possible with sheer determination and dedication. These qualities are hard to come by and should be cherished.


Who can help but smile at this real-life figure from the movie Up? Look at that serious face! He’s ready to be up, up and away!


When life gives you lemons, make laughter! Old age or ill health is no barrier to have a good laugh. All you need is the intention to walk into the horizon with joy in your heart and a smile on your face.


When we vow to be together till death do us part. Another great example of true love that never dies.  Makes us think about how short life can be.


The joy of motherhood is the best feeling in this world. Nothing makes women happier than when they see and hold their newborn for the very first time. New life is a miracle that we find hard to believe especially when it happens to us.


Even heroes break down for their lost brothers in arms. No man is strong enough in the face of loss of loved ones.


This is what empathy means. Standing in someone else’s shoes, quite literally and feeling the pain.


There’s sympathy even in the animal kingdom. This young primate is trying to console the older one who is in pain.


These men in uniform are standing at ease as ordered to do so by the little General! A precious moment indeed!


The Lion King gives a warm hug and a kiss to his visitor who seems to be completely cool with it. She doesn’t mind giving a kiss back!


When you’re down and out, you know who your real friends are. Even when everyone leaves you, your dog never will. This is a picture that exudes warmth and you can actually feel it.


True love knows no bounds or limitations. These two love birds show what love is.


The keeper with the young elephant who needs to be fed milk every 3 hours. That’s true devotion for you!


The pain of being apart and then the joy of reuniting make our bittersweet memories last a lifetime. This image shows the soft heart of a daddy in army boots and the bare little feet ready to tread on the future.

Don’t forget to let us know which your favorite picture is. Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!


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