40+ Incredible & Mystical Photographs Of Endangered Animals


In his work “Endangered“, British photographer Tim Flach provides a glimpse of some of the most incredible biodiversity that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, these species and their habitats are nearing extinction due to a range of reasons such as habitat destruction, poaching or hunting.

For his project, Tim Flach dedicated two years of his life enduring the habitats of these beautiful animals and detailing how they live and the result is truly breathtaking. This rare view reminds us how much beauty there is in the world and it also breaks our hearts to see what we are losing out on.

Scroll down to see some of the amazing shots from the series.

#1 Saiga

#2 Polar Bear

#3 Philippine Eagle

#4 Hyacinth Macaw

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#5 African Elephant


#6 Iberian Lynx

#7 Snow Leopard

#8 Cheetah With Cubs

#9 Ring-Tailed Lemur

#10 White Bellied Pangolin

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#11 Ploughshare Tortoise

#12 Red Panda

#13 Fireflies

#14 Hippopotamus

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#15 Giant Panda

#16 Red Crown Crane

#17 Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

#18 Pied Tamarin

#19 Sea Angels

#20 Shoebill

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#21 Northern White Rhinoceroses

#22 European Honey Bee

#23 Military Macaw

# 24 Egyptian Vulture

#25 Scimitar Oryx

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#26  Western Lowland Gorillas

#27 Scallope Hammerhead Aggregation

#28 Blue Throated Macaw

#29 Proboscis Monkey

#30 Kaiser’s Newt

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#31 Indian Gharial

#32 Yellow Eyed Tree Frog

#33 Arabian Oryx

#34 Marine Iguana

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#35 Beluga Sturgeon

#36 Lemur Leaf Frog

#37 Yunan Snub-Nosed Monkey

#38 Smooth Fronted Cayman

#39 Yellow Eyed Tree Frog Eggs

#40 Hooded Vulture.

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#41 Olm Salamander 

#42 Siamese Crocodile

#43 Partula Snails

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