10 Brilliant Ways To End An Argument For Your Own Good


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It’s okay to have an argument with your partner once in a while. When two people live under the same roof, it’s not possible to be in harmony over every little thing.

From trivial things to bigger ones, there’s always something that will bother you about your partner. While small issues can be overlooked, the bigger ones need to be discussed politely.

Read on to find the best 10 ways to harness your feelings and put an end to an argument for your own peace of mind.

#10 Amicable approach.

Instead of looking down on your partner and assuming that air of superiority, relax your mind and have a nice chat to clear any issues.

#9 Two sides.

There are two sides to every coin. Remember that the next time you start having an argument. Try to look at things from the other’s point of view.

#8 Don’t insult.

The mean side of you might take hold in a disagreement. Take deep breath before you stoop low and insult your partner. Stop to think about the pain you’ll inflict on the other person. Instead, put things across in a logical and calm way.

#7 Let sleeping dogs lie.

Don’t bring up the past in an argument. Just gently tell your partner what was going on in your mind without having all hell break lose.

#6 Emotional understanding.

Discuss your feelings and emotions openly with your partner. And while you’re at it, try to get a feel for their emotions too.

#5 Don’t play the blame game.

What’s done cannot be undone. So instead of trying to blame each other, drink a glass of water and decide what to discuss and how to find a way out.

#4 Don’t assume.

Don’t assume what your partner might be up to when you’re not around. Ask. And if you keep thinking that your other half won’t be at their best behavior in your absence, then you’ll never find peace.

#3 Physical closeness.

Being physically close to your partner can sometimes immediately put an end to an escalating argument.

#2 Take a pause.

If you feel things are getting way out of line, just pause and tell your partner that you’ll discuss the issue some other time.

#1 Take a walk.

Walking releases your happy hormones and busts tension. So if you think you’re heading for another argument, suggest going for a walk with your partner.

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How do you diffuse an argument with your partner? Share your tips and tricks with us in the Comments section below!

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