Face-Off with Energy Drinks by a Young Pair of Parents-to-Be


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This is a harsh story of how energy drinks consumption can impact the lives of people who drink it in excess. Many people seek temporary assistance from energy drinks when they struggle to be awake and complete their studies or job on time. But little do they know the life-threatening side effects of excessive caffeine and sugar. It can do irreparable damage to their family life and even kill them.

Here’s the story of Brianna and her husband—Austin—about to welcome their first child into the world, when energy drinks cast a gloom on their happiness. The moving photographs have been taken by Sara Endres from California.


The curse of energy drinks

Brianna was 9-months pregnant and just weeks away from giving birth to her son. But her world fell apart when she was awakened by her mother-in-law one morning to hear news about Austin’s accident. After a two-hour drive to the hospital, Brianna and Austin’s parents were informed by the doctors that he had had a brain hemorrhage.The reason was excess energy drinks consumption as Austin had to work longer hours and commute to and from his workplace.

After a grueling 5 hours of surgery, Austin’s family was allowed to see him. What they saw is something they would never forget—Austin’s face was not recognizable. He was connected to all sorts of tubes and machines. While they were busy taking in the version of Austin now laying in front of them, Brianna noticed the reaction of his parents. His dad broke down completely while the light from his mom’s eyes faded in less than a second. Parents who blessed with children don’t ever want to face a situation where the light of their life is in mortal danger and they can’t do anything about it.


Austin had to go through multiple surgeries that left a hole in the front part of his skull, giving his head a squashed shape. That wasn’t the end. His brain surgery caused seizures, swelling, and strokes. Through all this, Brianna decided never to leave her husband and promised herself that she would take care of him.

The birth of Austin and Brianna’s son

Brianna spent two weeks with Austin in the hospital before it was time for her to give birth to their son. She originally thought it would be a joyous occasion for both of them, as they waited for the delivery of their son and Austin would cut the cord. However, fate had other plans. What was miraculous, however, is that just as Brianna was giving birth, Austin had woken up from his long sleep. And the baby looked exactly like his dad.


When the baby was a week old, Brianna left him with his grandparents and went to see Austin. She felt she had to convince Austin to hang on and get well so that he could see his son. He finally did see his son after 2 whole months. None of the family was sure that this day would come. So, when it did, it brought a sliver of happiness back into their lives.

Picking up the pieces

Austin was finally able to make it home, but there are endless visits to the doctors and hospitals. But Austin beat the odds. Now, Brianna had to take care of both her disabled husband and her new son. She prepares all the meals, helps Austin with speech, occupational, and physical therapy, not to mention taking care of his personal hygiene.


Brianna gets tired of all the chores she has to do to keep her family together, but she’s a fighter. She epitomizes true love and self-sacrifice at a young age. She is a staunch believer in love being selfless and is a living example of how strong her love is for Austin, her husband.

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