Ten Essential Tools For A Well-Equipped Garage

Ten Essential Tools For A Well-Equipped Garage

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Feeling good on the outside is all about feeling good in the inside. We all know people are love their cars and loves to keep it in tip-top condition.

Having a cluttered garage is not a great sight to look at, thus, tampering with your car maintenance agenda too.

If your pet peeve is a garage that is a mundane shade of vanilla, then here is your guide on ten essentials tools for a well-equipped garage.

Ten essential tools that you must get for your garage right away:

1. Lights

Garages don’t particularly have to be dim and boring just because that is where you park your car and have all the handy tools at. Garages can be designed with interiors that can be both calm and professional.

You often have to work on your car or have to tend to a weekly or monthly car maintenances to steer your car away from glitches. In the wake of this instance, you should be able to see what you are working on.

Good lighting is a must have in your garage because you really need a burst of ray to make sure you don’t bump and trip over tools or any other objects lying around in the garage.

2. First Aid Kit

This is a generic must have an item on the list, nonetheless an important one. It’s practically impossible to predict when an accident might occur unless you suddenly decide to run around with scissors.

In the events of a mishap, it’s good to be prepared. Having a first aid stored at a handy spot so you can be quick on your feet to attend to anything ranging from a small cut to a bump in the head, this is your go-to friend.

It is better safe than be sorry so equip your kit with the basic necessities so you can tend to it, buying you time before help arrives.

3. Fire Extinguisher

What could be worse than the summer 40 degrees? An unforeseen fire that broke out from anywhere. Again, while the chances of this happening suddenly are slim, it’s wise to be equipped.

Sometimes because of the heat, there could be unwanted combustions from any source that just need heat to be triggered. A fire extinguisher or two will keep you at bay from any danger before it spreads further.

Also, the garage is a place where you have chemicals, oils and other necessary agents for your car maintenance.

4. Shop vacuums, broom and cleaning supplies

Great shiny car – Check! Decluttered garage – check! Mess- heavy and needs immediate attention! Before you decide to load all the technical supplies on board, understand garages as a workshop leaves behind a load of mess.

Cleaning utensils and supplies are a great fit for that corner you have contemplating on what to keep. Since your garage is prune to mess and dirt, having a prompt response to it is going to sustain your need for clean.

Loading yourself on some detergents, mops and a high powered garage vac will be all the ammunition you need to ward off pesky dust particles.

5. Mechanic Tool Set

We all are a closeted Bob the builder, drilling here and there or wrenching the loose spot. A jumbo-sized toolset won’t be entirely economical if your maintenance is on a level rookie but it’s still an essential must have.

This, however, is your long term investment for the good. You never know what might come in handy in dire times. Sure, you may not know how to work with but hey, there is nothing that Youtube can teach you.

Tool sets usually have drives, wrenches, measuring tapes and many others that you will not know the name of but surely use at some point of your life.

6. Drills

Your garage is empty without one of these bad boys. Drills are your ultimate weapon and do wonders as a last resort. Drills are multifaceted in terms of problem dynamics.

Drills are efficient and convenient too whether is cordless or corded. When you feel the need to tighten or open a bolt or two or in some cases, to polish your vehicle, drills can bamboozle you.

These are a common tool to be found in almost every garage and household so stack up on drills when setting up your garage.

7. Battery Jump Box

Your garage is a 365 day kind of a thing meaning it does stand through the changes in the season. Winter is the most ruthless in some parts of the country, depending on which country you live in.

When you have your car sitting idle for a long time or an overnight snowstorm shivered your beauty to the core, and you have an urgent 7 o’clock in the morning, battery jump box is your savior.

To bring your battery back with juices, this instant and efficient tool will be your call for a desperate remedy.

8. Multi-Meter

It’s a very crucial device for anyone to have around the house and around the garage. The purpose of a multimeter is to measure the voltage, current, and resistance of any circuit that you are working with.

If you don’t want to have a fried circuit board or an electrical mishap around the garage or while working on your car, have this device nearby to track usage and exert actions accordingly.

9. Storage Chest

Although, it does not have to be as medieval as it sounds, scattered tools can roll away or be misplaced in time of need.

A storage chest in your garage will stock all your necessities in one place and that too organized so you can quickly summon whatever you need in particular.

Storage chest doesn’t have to be a luxury, you can always inquire around the outlet and look around before deciding on buying it.

10. Floor Jacks

Your garage game does not get any strong points if you don’t have these. Often you might need an extra lift and have it kept as it is, halfway, mid-air while you work on those machines or vehicles.

Since none of us is the Hulk, you can easily afford these tiny, helpful Hulks. Also, floor jacks alone wouldn’t be enough without the support from jack stands.

Both are designed to lift your car and hold it’s weight while you are taking care of maintenance underneath.

11. Air Compressor

Many keep compressors on the garage as it comes handy to power air tools. It’ll not only expand your garage to handle a multitude of tasks but also let you do creative DIYs. However, be wary and read reviews before buying a air compressor.

One which doesn’t meet your requirement will simply eat up space or be left over as junk in the garage.

Food For thought

Garages are the part of the house with which you can have hot and cold kind of a bond. While it does not have to be extra dandy and exquisite, it surely can be efficient and convenient.

There are numerous items that you can put in your garage according to your needs and routine but if you are looking for something low maintenance and easy to set up with, we have got you covered with the list here.

Have a go at it for motivation to set up your garage. GodSpeed!


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