‘23 Etiquette’–The Must Have Rules For Polite Behavior

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‘If you are nice to someone, they will, in turn, be nice to you’, it’s something we’re taught when we are young. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world of digital communication and increasingly rare face to face interaction (FaceTime does NOT count!), we’ve forgotten basic etiquette and how to respectfully interact with one another.

The truth is, basic etiquette is very simple in nature. How you act – your speech, appearance, common courtesy and your control over emotions define you as the person you are.

FeedFond has compiled a list of etiquettes that every self-respecting person should know.

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#1. If you invite someone, then you should pay the bill. However, saying something like, ‘Let’s go to an amusement park’ means that everyone pays his or her share. Be very clear so that there is no confusion later.

#2. Always call before you visit someone. It’s rude to show up on one’s doorstep suddenly, they might not be prepared to receive you.

#3. Never put your phone on the table in public. It shows that you are paying more importance to the device rather than the company around you.

#4. Don’t invite a girl out on a date if you’re going to be busy with something. She deserves your undivided attention.

#5. A man shouldn’t carry a woman’s handbag. Women often carry personal things there. They, however, can take her coat and carry it to the cloakroom

#6. If your companion greets a person unknown to you while walking, you should greet him or her too. It’s perfectly okay to say ‘Hi.’

#7. Chopsticks aren’t the only way to eat sushi. It really depends on the situation. Unlike women, men can use their hands.

#8. It’s rude to meet someone while wearing dirty shoes (or dirty ANYTHING for that matter!). It shows lack of discipline. 

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#9. It’s polite to meet with the person you want to have a conversation with. Avoid meaningless talk over the phone if possible.

#10. If someone offends you, then just smile and take your leave. Don’t go down to their level and behave obscenely.

#11 If you are a man, then you should always walk on a woman’s left-hand side. Military men are an exception, as they need to salute with their right hand.

#12. Always drive carefully around puddles. Don’t splash a passer-by with muddy water and ruin their day.

#13. Some things should always be kept personal – age, wealth, family problems, religion, medical problems, love affairs, gifts, honor, and disgrace. You shouldn’t air your dirty laundry out in the open.

#14. In a cinema or theatre, face the person or persons you are crossing while moving to your seat. It’s customary for men to go first.

#15. Never touch a woman without her permission. It’s unacceptable to hold her hand, make physical contact during conversations, push her or take her hand above the elbow. Doing those are harassment. 

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#16. You don’t need to answer if someone shouts or calls you out ‘You there!’.

#17. Using too much perfume is just as rude as using none.

#18. Men should always show proper respect to a woman.

#19. It’s polite to greet everyone first after entering a room. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO of a company or an elderly woman.

#20. Respect an individual’s correspondence. It’s extremely rude to check other’s email or message without permission.

#21. You don’t need clothes from the latest fashion magazine to be a man. Manners Maketh Man. It’s better to dress casual rather than weathering a gaudy suit. 

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#22. Please avoid staring at a person and laughing or talking too loudly. Don’t disturb the people around you.

#23. Show love for relatives, friends and loved ones.

Quoting the famous actor Jack Nicholson, “I think much of decency. How to pass a plate. Not to shout from one room to another. Not to open a closed door without knocking. Let a lady pass. The aim of these endless simple rules is to make life better. I pay close attention to my manners. Etiquette matters. It’s a simple and comprehensible language of mutual respect.”

Let’s all try to follow these as best as we can. Comment your thoughts!

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