22 Etiquette Rules That Every Woman Can’t But Follow


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There are many norms and rules about the right kind of behavior for each situation (i.e. party, funeral, parent/teacher interview, etc.). You may not know all of these, so it’s better to be prepared and put the best foot forward in all situations.

Scroll down to read 22 etiquette tips for everyone; both men and women should know and practice them all.

Car etiquette

22: When a woman gets into a car, she should sit on the edge of the seat and ”pull” her legs into the car. When getting out of the car, she should put her feet on the road and then stand up. It’s not good etiquette to step into a car.

21: If a woman leaves in her own car, her boyfriend should walk to her car with her to check if she has locked all the doors properly. If the boyfriend lives on the same route she is traveling, she could offer him a lift.

20: It’s no longer required that men pick up a lady to go to a party together. If the woman has her own car, they can meet each other at the party venue.

19: If a man and a woman don’t know each other well enough, they shouldn’t sit in the back seat.

Public coat rooms


18: Large items like umbrellas, huge bags, or briefcases should be left in a cloakroom (unless they carry something valuable). A woman should keep her purse with her at all times.

17: It’s okay for women—not men—to wear a coat inside a cloakroom.

16: If you have to do something more than just fixing your hair, you should go to the bathroom. For example, to tie a necktie, do some touch-up on your makeup, or brush your hair.

15: Not all places have coat rooms, so use special hangers or coat racks.

Table etiquette

14: When holding a teacup, place your fingers on the front and the back of the handle. But when you’re drinking coffee, you can loop your fingers around the handle.

13: Don’t take too long to select the best piece of food from the plate. Reach for the one closest to you.

12: Always leave a soup spoon inside the bowl to avoid making the tablecloth dirty.

11: You should always ask the person sitting next to you if they would like a refill before refilling your own glass.

Communication rules

10: Don’t speak loudly from another room. This might turn into a habit and can make you seem rude or lazy (to shout or avoid walking from another room).

Restaurant etiquette

9: If you need to brush your hair, you should go to the ladies’ room.

8: If you are feeling warm, don’t try to cool yourself with a napkin. Just ask the waiter to turn on the air conditioner.

7: Never pour out the contents of your purse on the table.

6: Although it’s okay to put on lipstick while you’re sitting at the table, to apply mascara and powder, use the bathroom.

When you have guests

5: For guests who are visiting your home for the first time, show them the bathroom so they can freshen up before mingling with others.

4: If your guests brought food and drinks, lay them on the table so everyone can see.

When you are a guest

3: In case you need to make an early exit, say so quietly to your host. Don’t say goodbye to the other guests as they might take it as a hint to leave.

Workplace etiquette

2: Women should not place their hat or bag on their work desk. They should find a different place for it.

1: If a woman is sitting on a low chair, she shouldn’t cross her legs. The knees should be held closely together and then lean them to the side. She can cross her legs only if she puts one foot right behind the other.

Which one of these do you agree with the most? Let us know in the comments section below. You may also like to read 23 Etiquette’–The Must Have Rules For Polite Behavior.


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