18 Everyday Things With Hidden Purposes For Safety And Convenience

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Things you use every day without giving much thought just fall into your mundane routine, don’t they? Do you think why the top of your ball point pen has a hole? Or why there is a metal strip at the end of your measuring tape? Well, you might be surprised to know that all these have a good reason to be there.

Read on to know more about these 18 everyday things we use that have some underlying purposes like safety or ease of use.

#1 Oven knob adjusted to reflect the right temperature.


Your cakes are getting burnt or your quiche is not quite done. Then there must be something wrong with the temperature setting. You can fix this by setting your oven temperature at 300-degrees and then checking with an oven thermometer. Take the knob out and check the back where there are screws to enable you to loosen them and adjust the knob’s face. Once you’ve adjusted the face of the knob, you’re all set.

#2 Rivets on your jeans.

The small buttons or rivets on your denim jeans are there to hold the pocket and jean together. Because jeans were the clothes that the working men used, something was needed to withstand the wear and tear. So, the rivet was designed by a Latvian immigrant in 1871, who took his idea to Levi Strauss and had it patented.

#3 The tab on the soda can.

After you open the can of your soda, the small tab can be swung around and used to hold your straw. In addition, it also stops the straw from getting lifted up by your carbonated drink.

#4 Arrow on the gas gauge of your car.

Some cars have a small arrow on the gas gauge pointing to the side from where you can access your gas tank without your having to guess. Isn’t that clever!

#5 Hidden feature in gas stations.

When some unmindful drivers drive away without detaching the pump from the car, the magnet breakaway attached to the pump minimizes the damage.

#6 Marks  between the tire treads.


The minimum height of the tire treads are designated by these little marks, beyond which the tires are not safe to drive on.

#7 The metal strip at the end of the measuring tape.

The serrated edge of the metal strip helps to put a mark while you’re measuring if you don’t have a pencil handy. In addition, it moves to adjust according to your measuring needs on the interior or the exterior of the surface. The small hole in it can better your measurement if you need to fix it to a nail or screw.

#8 The hole in the handle of your pots and pans.


The hole by which you hang your pots and pans can also be used to hold your spoon while you’re cooking. So don’t forget to use these holes next time! Even spoons with slotted centers can be used to pour spaghetti into boiling water without making a mess.

#9 Fabric swatches with new clothes.

Some new clothes come with fabric swatches so you can check if the color is fast or not without ruining your whole garment.

#10 Groovy Tic-Tac dispenser.

The groove on the dispenser of the Tic-Tac lid makes sure you have only one Tic-Tac at a time.

#11 Unchildproof that medication bottle.


As long as you are sure there will be no children around, you can reverse the childproof lid of your medicine bottle by flipping the top of the lid.

#12 Screwdriver and wrench.

When you’re working at odd angles or if you want to get more torque, just put the end of the wrench over the screwdriver for a better grip.

#13 Holes in the sides of basketball shoes.

It’s not only to let your feet breathe but also to lace up in ways to prevent basketball players from slipping on the court.

#14 Extra holes on the top of running shoes.

To give greater flexibility, the holes on the top of the running shoes allow you to lace up differently according to your level of comfort and grip.

#15 The black grate on the microwave oven.

This one is called a Faraday shield and prevents the microwaves from escaping the oven, resulting in more efficient cooking.

#16 The hole in the cap of the ball point pen.

Many people have this habit of chewing on the cap of their ball point pen. The small hole is there as a safety measure in case somebody inhales the cap. The hole helps the person to keep breathing until he gets medical attention.

#17 Bumps on F and J keys.


The F and J keys on your keyboard are the home keys where you rest your index fingers. So, to help you locate these without looking at the keyboard, there are small bumps on these two keys.

#18 Holes in airplane windows.

Little holes in the airplane windows balance the difference between the inside and outside air pressure and also help to prevent the windows from fogging up.

Which one of these do you find most interesting? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below!


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