This Is What You Get When You Buy Famous Food Brands


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We buy various different branded food every day. But did you stop to think the actual nutritional value or what the food is made out of?

FeedFond has compiled a list of famous brands and uncovered what we are actually buying?

Check out the composition of each food and if it’s worth the price!

# A small bag of potato chips

# A medium-sized bag of potato chips

# A large bag of potato chips

See details on the production of potato chips here.

# A carton of fruit juice

The juice in those cartons is made from concentrate and diluted with water. See details here.

# Tomato ketchup

Tomato sauce doesn’t contain any fresh tomatoes. Check out more about this here.

# A small portion of French fries

# A large portion of French fries

# Potato wedges

Check out how McDonald’s makes their food here.

# Carrot sticks

# Apple slices

# Crab sticks

Crab sticks do not contain any part of the crab. The meat of fish, for the most part from cod, is used to make the sticks. See details here.

# Coffee

Expensiveness is a relative notion. A decoy-priced product works by making other products look reasonably priced in comparison. This effectively forces the customer to make the “right” decision.

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