30 Fashion Faux Pas That Make You Look Too Messy To Cut That Deal

For that important deal or that interview for the dream job, you sure don’t want to look like something the cat dragged in. So, the night before you have a date or a presentation to make, give some time and careful thought to the clothes, accessories and even the undergarments you’re going to wear. Remember that first impressions are often the last and you might not have another chance.

Read on to check the 30 outfit mistakes you can make to break it, not make it.

#1 The Devil Is In The Details.

While pets are fun to have, they may leave bits of their lint or fur on your coat or trousers. So, keep a lint roller handy in your bathroom, your car, and your bag. Lint that doesn’t match your blazer stands out and gives a poor impression.

#2 See-through clothes.

Although some clothes may look opaque inside the room, they may be see-through when you go out in the daylight. Beware of your legs showing through a transparent skirt while you’re walking against the light. Wear some tights if you have to wear a transparent skirt. Wear a singlet in case the fabric of your top is thin.

#3 Clothes with frays and rips.

No matter how minor these rips and frays might seem, they give an overall shabby look. So make sure the ends of your trousers or the sleeves of your shirt are nicely sewed up.

#4 Break that iron crease.

If you’ve left your shirt on the hanger after washing and drying, you might think it’s good enough to be worn to that meeting. Think again. Take five minutes to break the creases with a hot iron.

#5 Rolled up sleeves done sloppily.

Do a double roll on the sleeves that leave the cuffs looking neat and clean. Don’t be too careless with the rolls as it might give you a shabby look.

#6 Too many accessories.

Don’t wear every ring or neck piece that you have. Focus on looking simple but smart. Just a few accessories like a watch, a couple of rings, and a chain around the neck will make you look good without going overboard.

#7 Clothing that has seen too many days.

Some of our favorite clothes tend to lose their sheen and sharpness due to fading color or a fit that’s not as good as it used to be. Check regularly if your clothes look faded and worn out. It’s time to give them away and invest in new ones.

#8 Hair bands on your wrists.

Hair bands belong to you hair, not your wrists. If you want to carry some in case you need them, put them in your bag.

#9 Trousers that are too long.

These give a shabby look as the ends of trousers get dragged along on the floor as you walk and get frayed pretty soon. Visit a tailor to keep your pants looking in top shape.

#10 Wearing athletic shoes.

Keep your sneakers and joggers for when you go out on a run or walk. Restrain from looking like a teenager when you have that important deal to seal.

#11 Shoes crusted with mud and dirt.

Buff your shoes before you leave home. Shoes are often the part of you that are looked at first. So make sure you have a clean pair on.

#12 Ill-fitted clothes.

Clothes that don’t sit well on you make you uncomfortable and that shows through. A blouse that’s bursting at the seams or trousers that belong to your teenage nephew will not make a good impression. Always try your clothes on when you buy them in the store.

#13 Shoes With The Wrong Size

Similar to clothes, make sure that your shoes fit you well. An over-sized or a tight pair of shoes will make you feel and look uneasy. It’s essential to be at complete ease when you’re making that presentation or conducting a meeting.

#14 Wearing white that’s lesser than white.

If you’re wearing white, check that it doesn’t have that faint yellow tinge. You can use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to keep your whites white. Nothing can make you look worse than a white pair of trousers that is less than a crispy white.

#15 Unkempt nails.

Unclipped nails with dirt under them are a complete turn-off. Also chipped nail polish gives a dirty look. Remove your nail polish if you don’t have the time to apply a fresh coat.

#16 Big bags.

Though it’s great to have everything within your reach in a big bag, it doesn’t go well when you’re going to meet someone important. Just carry a small one with the bare necessities inside to give you a neat look. Make sure the bag is buffed and ship-shape.

#17 Missing belt loop.

A missing belt loop will give a sign that you’re not a careful person and someone who is not into details. Also take care that your jeans your trouser zipper is not visible.

#18 Too many adjustments.

Once you leave the house for an important meeting, stop fidgeting with your tie or sleeves or hair. Just relax and let things be. However, before you enter the boardroom, do a quick swipe of your hair to make sure they’re in place.

#19 Pilling clothes.

Clothes made of wool, cotton, or synthetic materials tend to have loose thread that wound up in small balls. This takes place especially around the armpits or at the back of the knees, giving you a shabby look. Use a razor to lop these off.

#20 Old shoes.

The leather may be scuffed and the soles may be giving away of that old pair of shoes that you can’t let go. Go to a cobbler and get those pairs fixed.

#21 Facial hair.

Men should be aware that they don’t have unkempt facial hair. Their beards should be trimmed and waxed for a neat look.

#22 Visible bra straps.

Women should be careful about not showing their bra straps when they go to an important meeting or date. It’s in poor taste and in any case, undergarments are not meant to be shown.

#23 Over-sized clothes to hide those layers.

Don’t wear plus size clothes to hide your chubby figure. You’re good to make an appearance if you’re wearing the right size and style.

#24 Sleeves that are too long.

Excessively long shirt sleeves will make you look like a kid and not as neat as you should be looking for that dream date. Get your tailor to do a job on those sleeves and make the shirt or dress just right.

#25 Retro look.

The retro look belongs in the past and being modern in clothes and accessories is a better idea to show you’re living in the present.

#26 Boyfriend blazer.

These blazers are cut to suit a feminine figure so don’t take it literally and take the blazer off your man’s back.

#27 Wet hair.

Wet hair is for the beach, not for the conference room. It gives a sloppy look. Blow dry your hair and give it a neat look before you step out.

#28 Leggings as pants.

Formal trousers can never be replaced by leggings. Stick to the well-cut trousers made from linen or any other fabric suitable for office wear.

#29 Old make-up.

Invest some time to remove old make-up and apply a fresh coat. Going out in a day-old makeup will make you look shabby and tired.

#30 Greasy glasses.

If you wear specs, make sure they’re cleaned properly and do not show any oily smudges.

Have any tips to share on fashion faux pas? Share with us in the Comments section below.

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