Top Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older Than You Are

You can’t deny it when age catches up with you. But that doesn’t mean that you have to look older than your real age. Some people go for glasses that are too big for their face or loose-fitting and dowdy clothes that make them look older.

With some clever fashion tips, you can avoid looking older than your age. Some smart and hip fashion trends will make you look in top shape and feel younger too!

FeedFond has put together 16 fashion mistakes you HAVE to avoid to look older. Read on!

#16 Too Much Tanning

The sun’s rays can take a toll on your skin if you spend too much time outside to get the perfect tan. Limit your time out in the sun and give your skin a chance to replenish itself away from the sun.

#15 Square Blazers

A fashion item that does not flatter the feminine figure. Go for a boyfriend blazer instead that gives you the right cut and fit to make you look and feel smart.

#14 Neutral Toned Pantyhose

This is very old-fashioned and makes you look like you’re going for an interview in one of the top Fortune 500 companies. Opt for a black or colored pair if you must wear one.

#13 Foundation In Excess

If you apply too much foundation, you’ll end up having a thick layer on your face that will make you look unnatural and old.

#12 Baggy Pants

Wear comfortable but good fitting pants. Not skin tight pants though. Leave the baggy pants where they belong – the past.

#11 All-black Dresses

To avoid giving yourself a funereal look, break up the black tempo with something upbeat like a pair of dangling earrings or a colorful necklace.

#10 Old-fashioned Dresses

Avoid picking up dresses that go overboard on floral prints and laces. Instead, pick up dresses with geometric patterns and slim cuts to accentuate your figure and give a smart impression.

#9 Skinny Jeans

Just like you should stay away from baggy pants, the same rule applies for skinny jeans. These are not only unhealthy but also look shabby when their initial stretch wears off. Stick to the middle path of comfortably fitting pants.

#8 Thick And Dark Eyeliner

Don’t draw attention to the wrinkles around your eyes by applying a coat of thick and dark eyeliner. A thin stroke of kohl will accentuate your eyes without drawing unnecessary attention. Read Top 8 Best Kept Secrets To Make Your Eyes More Expressive.

#7 Brooch On Lapels

These two items belong to the last century. So leave them there. With the right color coordination and well fitting clothes, there’s no need to stick a pin on your blazer lapel.

#6 Long Hair

Unless you have very thick hair, don’t grow your hair too long as you age. For a youthful look, cut your hair short and ask your hairstylist’s advice on the right cut that suits the shape of your face.

#5 Dark Shades Of Lipstick

As with eyeliner, don’t draw attention to the wrinkles and dry skin around the mouth area by wearing dark shades of lipstick. Neutral shades and some lip gloss are good to give a natural and youthful look.

#4 Thick, Black Frames

Stay away from the thick, black plastic eyewear that makes you look much older than you are. These days, frames with color are all the rage and try out one!

#3 Dowdy Frocks

Big, shapeless frocks make you look out of shape and do not flatter your figure. Keep these as your nightgown.

#2 Jersey Dresses

Although these are fitting and gives you the comfort of your favorite old T-shirt, these will not give you a flattering look. Jersey dresses expose parts of your figure that are no longer pleasing to the eye. So stick to a double knitted dress that will make you comfortable without tightly draping your bulging tummy.

#1 Short Neck Scarves

Another fashion item that belongs to past centuries is the short silk scarf. Don’t wrap these around your neck to give you an old-fashioned look. If you must use one, try tying it to your purse handle for a pop of color.

Do you agree with these thoughts? Share your opinion with us in the Comments section below. And while we’re on the topic of fashion, read 30 Fashion Faux Pas That Make You Look Too Messy To Cut That Deal

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