8 Life-Lessons Every Father Should Teach Their Sons

It’s common knowledge to say that mothers play the most important role in a child’s growth. When it comes to sons, there can be no better role model than their fathers.

Parents are our first teachers—they teach us various lessons to survive and thrive in this world. Fathers play a crucial role in “life-education”. These lessons occur throughout our lives. However, there are certain lessons that only fathers are qualified to teach.

We at FeedFond believe that these 8 lessons are the most important.

#1 Explain how important it is how to win and how to lose

Dads are the best companions when it comes to participating in competitions and games. They teach us to endure and after victory is achieved, we realize the effort it cost. In the case of a failure, dads are the first ones to support us. They make us believe that we have to try again and there is nothing shameful in failing.

#2 Teaching the right attitude towards women

A father is the perfect person to show his sons how to treat women through example. He is also the person who teaches you all the important things about women. No amount of friendly chat or Internet research will be able to fulfill that role.

#3 Having a man-to-man conversation about love

Teach your son about love and what it means to be in love. It’s a valuable lesson a father bestows on his son. Telling your son about one’s own life experiences can give him the confidence to move forward. Also, such conversations make your father-son bond even stronger.

#4 Teach him how to fight back

It’s a father’s solemn duty to teach his son to be strong. To do what’s right and to stand up for himself. He should know what’s worth fighting for and not to give into cheap provocations; teach him to leave when necessary.

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#5 Help him find his own view in the world

It’s nothing special. Every parent wants their children to be successful. But it’s also true that success comes in various forms. A child should understand that there are various approaches; they should be able to speak freely with their father for advice.

#6 Enrich a child’s experience with new sensations

Even as a baby, a child can differentiate between ‘fatherly’ and ‘motherly’ love. Mothers go for a soft approach with stroking and caressing. Fathers start with spinning and tossing. The different sensations give the child an array of visual, auditory and tactile sensations. It makes them aware of their own spatial location.

#7 Teach him male tricks

In this modern urban world, it’s unlikely your child will need to start a fire. However, that knowledge may come handy someday. In addition, teach him things like how to repair simple household things, how to work on a car, etc. If nothing else, they will score points with any company.

#8 Teach him domestic duties

Teach your son to tie a tie, dress properly, shave and iron his shirts. They should be fully proficient to look after themselves. That also means how to take care of finances too. Don’t forget a rounded education includes cooking for themselves.

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