Soldier Spends The Last Hours With His Faithful German Shepherd, Bodza

This is a heartwarming story about Bodza, a German Shepherd, and his mate and master who served in the US Army, Kyle Smith. These two were together for better or worse from 2012 till 2017.

Read on to know more.

The Beginning


Bodza started work as an explosive detection dog in 2006. His job took him to Iraq, Kuwait, and Kyrgyzstan, where he saved many lives. Bodza and Kyle served in severe cold weather conditions in Kyrgyzstan during their security mission. The two became inseparable.

Work and Play


Bodza and Kyle work both work and play mates. Besides serving in Kyrgyzstan, they also found time to play. Bodza would bark at his own shadow so at times, Kyle would fool around with him by making shadows with his hand. The German Shepherd also had fun with the horses.



When it was time for Bodza to retire, Kyle eagerly adopted him and took him home. There, Bodza would follow his master around and say goodnight to him every night.

The End

Sadly, Bodza was diagnosed with a condition in 2016 that affected his spinal cord and meant he would lose the use of his legs. When things got tough, Kyle made the hardest decision a dog owner has to make – to put his best friend to sleep.

Kyle took Bodza to a vet clinic. With nine of his colleagues, Kyle made a warm bed on the floor for Bodza and held him as he passed on. Despite the heartbreaking decision Kyle had to make, he felt that Bodza was happy and had a smile on his face in the final hours.

As Kyle broke down, he was supported by his colleagues. His boss even gave a US flag to drape Bodza’s body with. Kyle felt both peace and incredible heartache at the same time.

The Memory Remains

Kyle keeps Bodza’s collar on the rear-view mirror of his car. He keeps his ashes at home and has his pictures framed. Kyle will never forget how loyal and selfless Bodza had been.

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