Firstborns Are the Worst Drivers Ever, Research Says


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Being a big brother and sister is tough work. You have to set an example for your younger siblings, be responsible for the family and more.

Believe it or not, a recent study showed that firstborns are also more likely to get fined for driving offenses and have accidents. The study showed that siblings often have arguments about who is the better driver.

Privilege Car Insurance revealed a report regarding the driving habits of 1395 people where it showed that 89% speed, 35% were fined and 47% annoyed by other drivers cutting them off. Another 46% were accused of hogging the middle of the road.

That’s not the end of it.

Over 17% of firstborns applied makeup while driving. And an alarming—30% used a cell phone—all at a higher rate than their siblings. This contributed towards 22% minor and 15% major accidents in the last 5 years.

On the road, the best all-around drivers tend to be the youngest children.

Privilege offers a special policy called DriveXpert. A device which monitors how well driving safety is maintained.

Charlotte Fielding, head of DriveXpert, said: “Younger drivers with DriveXpert policies are given a score based on their safe driving ability.”

“This technology can not only encourage safe driving and reward those who do so with lower insurance premiums. But can also help siblings decide once and for all who is best behind the wheel.”

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