Meet Bone Bone—The Fluffiest, Most Adorable Cat From Thailand!

Meet Bone Bone—the fluffiest most adorable cat you’ll ever lay your eyes on! No wonder… wherever he goes, people lines up take pictures with him!

Believe it or not, this cutie cat is practically a celebrity in Thailand. He’s the new favorite amongst Thai people. Not only is he fluffy, he is big boned—which makes him even more huggable.

Bone Bone has already gathered over 187k followers on Instagram. People just can’t get enough of his fluffiness!

He enjoys doing adventurous things like playing in the park and climbing trees. The tiny yellow backpack he wears is enough to bring out your inner “meow”!

However, believe it or not, Bone Bone doesn’t like anybody touching his fluff! He’s not a fan of people petting him. He wants to keep that fabulous fur all to himself, but it doesn’t stop people from hugging the furball.

Check out some of the pictures and don’t forget to vote for the ones you like!

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