Being Forgetful May Be a Sign That You’re More Intelligent Than Average

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Lest we forget

The latest research reveals that you don’t necessarily need not worry if you are forgetful at times and can’t remember tiny details or fun facts. Though you may feel embarrassed when you meet someone you’ve met before but can’t recall the name or forget what it is you’ve come to the store for, it’s just the human brain doing its usual thing—selective retention. So, no need to pick your brain on why you tend to forget things sometimes.

What does research suggest

Neuron Journal has conducted a study that claims that forgetting is a natural brain process which can actually make you smarter. In fact, a professor from the University of Toronto goes a step further and suggests that remembering everything has little to do with intelligence. It doesn’t matter if little details escape your memory. Well, remembering the big picture is more important and makes you more intelligent than keeping all the small details in the brain.

The hippocampus region of the brain—the part that stores your memories—is very smart at detecting what to keep and what to weed out. So, in times of decision making, you have the right information stored in your brain that you can retrieve instead of a thousand little things that will clutter your thoughts, essentially distracting you from making a smart decision.

If you look at the animal kingdom, they remember each other by face and not by name. In fact, that’s how they survive—by remembering which other faces could be a potential threat.

Over the years, you accumulate so many experiences and memories. The brain acquires and stores the new ones and overwrites the old ones. Trust your brain to keep the right stuff tucked away and let go of other trivial information.

Less use of the brain?

With the advent of technology and Google, there seem to be less and fewer things that you have to remember. All you need to know is how to search for the correct term on Google and get the information you need.

The next time you forget the color of the sweater you were wearing last time, don’t fret. It’s just your brain doing the right thing to make you smarter.

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