8 Reasons why modern relationships are so fragile

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Recently a few of my friends went through a string of relationships and it made me think – wouldn’t it be better to stay single? It’s definitely better than going through so many heartbreaks and sad times. I looked around and saw similar cases all around me and I was stunned! The answers were not at all what I was expecting.

Here’s the gist of what I’ve discovered:

8. We don’t give a relationship enough time

In modern-day relationships, we tend to have everything at once. The relationship itself needs room to grow and the people involved need time to adjust themselves to it. There will be sacrifices, compromises and other factors that will come along as the relationship matures. Time is a very important factor.

7. We often get confused by our feelings

Nobody likes dead boring lives. We search for someone that will make our lives more vibrant and colorful. The person you met at the club or went to the cinema with is great! But maybe he or she is not there when you need emotional support or in a moment of understanding.

6. Love and Sex now mean the same thing

We have failed to separate ‘sex’ and ‘love’. The notion of having sex before marriage has become normal. Things like ‘Friends with benefits’, ‘open relationships’, ‘one-night stands’,  and ‘Tinder hookups’ are part of modern lifestyle.

5. Relationships are now defined with logic

Logic can never explain love. But, sadly logic mostly defines relationships nowadays. It’s not a math problem! Couples that love each other wholeheartedly can overcome even the most challenging difficulties.

4. We’re spending more time virtually

It’s true that technology has brought us closer. It’s easier to connect with people who are far away. But in a relationship, it’s essential to actually spend time with the person. No amount of texts, calls, and video can replace it.

3. We are afraid of settling down

The idea of settling down may be scary to many of us. It’s similar to planting down roots. If we are constantly thinking about finding the ‘next best thing’, then slowly we move away from permanency and become drifters.

2. We don’t appreciate our partner

We developed a tendency about not caring about the person who is here for us. Moreover, we also care very little when we part ways. A frozen heart will only hurt your partner. You have to let love in and embrace its warmth.

1. We are afraid of falling in love again

Everybody gets hurt at some point in their lives. We aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. There will be disappointments, heartbreaks, and emotional wounds, lots of screaming and crying. Break those high walls that you’ve built around your heart. Let people in.

Why do you think modern relationships are so fragile? Let us know!

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