Every Parent-to-be Must Read This OB/GYN’s Pregnancy FAQ

If you are pregnant and expecting a baby—especially for the first time—you have a lot—and I mean a lot of questions!!! The idea of a life being born inside you might look good in a science textbook; but in reality, you must be freaking out!

FeedFond has found some hilarious answers to the FAQ-asked expecting parents on Reddit. Kudos to the genius OB/GYN who cleverly eased the tension of her patients before they even came in!

Pregnancy is one of the important things in life, and God knows, a thousand different things can go wrong. They should be taken seriously and given extra special care.

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Nevertheless, a little laughter will help the wound-up expecting mom and dads to relax and go through this more easily.


On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love this FAQ?


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