12 Beauty Tips to Pump Up Your Glamour Quotient

All women want to have perfect skin, hair, eyebrows, lips, and smiles to grab attention and turn heads.

FeedFond has collected 12 beauty tips that will give you the all-time glamourous look you’ve been dreaming about. Read on to discover!

#12 Sugar waxing

Get clean, smooth underarms, hands, and legs by using a sugar wax instead of a harsh razor or hair removal creams containing chemicals. Sugar waxing is great, even for sensitive skin.

#11 A dazzling smile


Mix some baking soda with your toothpaste and put the mixture on a foil. Now, wrap the foil around your teeth tightly and let sit for an hour. After an hour, rinse your mouth thoroughly using water to reveal a set of dazzling teeth.

#10 Natural makeup

Nothing can beat the look created by a nude or natural makeup. Make sure you don’t put on too many layers of makeup to retain your natural look.

#9 Candy pink lipstick

This color is trendy and goes with almost any color of clothes. Make sure you don’t apply any gloss or other shiny lipstick when you go out on a date.

#8 Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes put the focus on your eyes—of course—so make sure you don’t pair it with a bright lipstick. These eyes are perfect for an evening out around town.

#7 Natural skin tone

Don’t hide your imperfections under layers of foundation or makeup as that will make you look unnatural. Hide your minor imperfections with a corrector or a concealer. Use a light foundation with a thin melting texture like BB or CC creams.

#6 Well-defined and groomed eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break your look. So, invest in good eyebrow brushes and pencils to give your eyebrows a well-defined. groomed look. Make sure you don’t draw your eyebrows too thick or it will end up giving you a masculine look.

#5 Light eyeshadows

For an everyday natural look that will still enhance your eyes, choose eyeshadows in grey, brown, or peach shades. Leave the bright colors for the occasional evening look.

#4 Red lipstick

Psychologically, red is related to sexiness and youthfulness and a bright red pucker will draw a lot of attention. However, make sure it goes with your complexion and your overall personality and look.

#3 A light blush

Before you start applying a blush, smile at yourself in the mirror to identify the apple of your cheeks. Apply a light blush over them to accentuate your features and give a nice warm glow to your face.

#2 Healthy skin

Create a healthy glowing skin not only by eating right but also by applying a highlighter or a beauty product that gives a nice glow.

#1 Arrows on the eyelids

Create an elegant look by drawing winged eyeliner on the upper eyelids. Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other shades, as long as they match your complexion.

Vote for your favorite tip in the Comments section below and share with us any personal beauty tip you may have. For more beauty news, check out Top 8 Best Kept Secrets To Make Your Eyes More Expressive and Top 8 Best Kept Secrets To Make Your Eyes More Expressive


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