Set Your Inner Unicorn Free With These 10 Glitter Hacks


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Who does not love the added bling of glitter? The glitter makeup trend is on the rise and it is the perfect time to get acquainted with some tricks and tips with glitter for that extra shine. But first, make sure to check the sensitivity and compatibility on a small patch of your skin with cosmetic grade glitter prior to application.

Here are 10 tips on how to get a glittery luminosity:

10) Finish your makeup with a glow

Add a generous amount of shimmer to your finishing spray and mix well. While adding the finishing touches to your makeup, spray on normally and be ready for the added sparkle.

9) Conceal under eye darkness

Add primer to the under eye area and before it dries out, use a brush to apply glitter and lightly press on it to make the glitter stay.

8) Making the glitter stick

Petroleum Jelly is the perfect base for ensuring glitter will stick to your body. Simply apply the balm over the area you want the glitter to be and then lightly press the glitter with a brush.

7) Hair gel to make the glitter stay

Hair gel is also a great base that adheres glitter to your body. Simply smear a nice amount of hair gel and spread the glitter on it.

6) For heavier glitter

Sometimes, it is difficult to keep heavy glitter on your skin. In order to make them stay, use eyelash glue as an adhesive.

5) Less sticky ways to apply glitter

Use a hand sanitizer in order to avoid the mess that comes while applying glitter. Apply the sanitizer on the skin and while it is still wet, press the glitter on. However, this will be less sticky than other options.

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4) For adding a bit of shine to the hair

When it is not feasible to use a shampoo and you still want your luscious locks to shine, add glitter gel. You can also use a flat makeup brushes to dab glitter to specific areas for emphasis.

3) When you feel your skin needs more of a glow

Add a little bit of pigment to your favorite oil and shake the mixture really well. Apply generously wherever you want the glow.

2) For the glittery lips

Apply a cream lipstick to your lips and gently dab glitter to your lips with an eye shadow brush or your finger.

1) Glitter Stamps

Take a sponge and cut it into a desired shape. Add glitter gel to the sponge and stamp wherever you want on your body.

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To remove stubborn glitter

Finally, to remove glitter from your body, slightly press and pull the areas where glitter has been applied with scotch tape, this should remove most of the glitter. The final remnants can be cleaned off with an oil-based cleanser.

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