90-Year-Old Czech Lady Artistically Transforms Her Hometown

The world is full of many types of creative people. They inspire and transforms the bland daily lives around us and make is so interesting.

Let us introduce you to Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková, a former agricultural worker aiming to make her hometown charming and beautiful. The 90-year-old resident of Louka, Czech Republic, spends every summer and spring hand-drawing majestic designs beautifying doors and window frames. The floral pattern is inspired traditional Moravian (southern Czech) artwork. She uses a vibrant blue paint and a small brush to do her art.

“I am an artist,” she stated to the media. “I just enjoy it and I want to help.”

Despite getting massive media attention, she insists that the art is done purely for pleasure. Agnes is an inspiration and proves us that age is just a number. You shouldn’t let anything stop you when you’re embracing creativity.

See this artistic grandma in action.

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