Owners Froze When They Saw One Puppy Absolutely Different

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Proud parent


Milly’s owners—Mark and Elaine Cooper—share their story about how they felt when they checked the last of the puppy from a litter born to their family dog.

The arrival of a bunch of cute little puppies is almost as exciting as the arrival of a child—especially when the mother is a family pet like Milly. Mark and Elaine were basking in the warmth of how quickly Milly took to her newborn puppies and cared for them as if she had done it many times before. It was beautiful to see the puppies open their eyes for the first time and try to figure their way around the brand new world.

New lives


Shortly after Milly had given birth, the Coopers went on an inspection, checking each puppy and making sure they were each okay. They were ecstatic and happy to find that the chubby pups seemed to be in great health. That is until they came to the last one. They were in shock when they saw that the only female from the litter was gree.

The odd one out


The green pup was named Fifi after Princess Fiona from the animated movie, Shrek. The Coopers consulted experts and learned that being born green is a rare but natural condition. The peculiar green color occurs when light-colored pups come into contact with a substance called Biliverdin, which is naturally found in the placenta.

The green color wears off with time, but it was the first time the Coopers had seen anything like this! Just goes to show that nature never ceases to amaze us.

For more stories about owners meeting their canine friends for the first time, check out 25 Pictures of People Meeting Their Dogs for The First Time. Don’t forget to share your special dog story with us in the Comments section below.

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