Are You Being Visited By Your Guardian Angel? Check Out These 10 Signs!


Has a voice ever stopped you from doing something that later proved to be disastrous? Sometimes you feel protected and safe, almost as if some higher power has taken upon itself to guide your well-being.

You’re probably being watched over by a Guardian Angel.

When talking about an angel, we automatically think of a humanoid figure with wings and a halo above its head. However, various religions and folklore have portrayed them in different ways.

Whether you believe in angels or not isn’t the point. They are not always what we perceive them to be and can come in all shapes and forms. They are messengers of peace and wisdom and will always guide you towards such directions.

It takes years to attune yourself with their spiritual energy to sense their presence. However, there are some subtle signs, reported by many believers, in the environment that you can learn to identify them.

#10 Angels In Common Numbers:

According to, “One of the most common ways angels will attempt to capture your attention and guide you is through Angel Numbers.” According to various reports, these numbers have a specific meaning to you.

The numbers might be birthdays or anniversaries or even repeating numbers like “333” or “111”. This might be your angel’s way of getting your attention.

#9 Angelic Voices:

This is probably the most obvious of all signs, but it’s not always how you expect it. There are no ringing bells and divine lights from the sky.

It’s more of a whisper or a nudge inside your head. Don’t confuse this phenomenon as a part of your imagination.

#8 A Sudden Change In Temperature:

A sudden unexpected change in temperature is a sign that your guardian angel is by your side. There are reports that some experienced a strange chill in the air, but most reports say there is a comfortable warmth surrounding them.

Who knows, this may be your angel’s way of hugging you.

#7 A Change In Air Pressure:

Similar to a temperature change, you might feel that the pressure drops suddenly.

#6 An Otherworldly Stranger:

Angels come in various forms, often as strangers to you and me. Maybe a blind man, an old lady or someone watching you now. Take a good look around, go on!

#5 A Presence:

Sometimes, angels make their presence very obvious. There are countless reports that people were ‘helped’ by some supernatural presence.

For example, you might be searching for a book in the library and suddenly the book falls off the shelf in front of you.

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