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Do you have an article to share? Something that you want people to read and remember for life?

Our contributor’s platform is for those who want to bring their pieces forth to the world to read. Share your stories and life experiences with us and add a little color to our site as well.

Write a guest post for FeedFond – Why? Because we would love to hear from you.  Because we love content that can move others.

Benefits of contributing to FeedFond:

Why write?

Firstly, we believe that people write because they love to write – it is a form of self-expression. Something we absolutely respect.  Your writing means a lot to us.

Through our platform, we will give voice to you – to your thoughts that you have penned down – to touch, influence and inspire lives across the globe. As we always state on our website – Simplifying lives.

From here you can enhance your web presence through SEO links that connect to your personal blog.

We offer flexibility – you can contribute to a schedule that is on par with your life- weekly, monthly, once a while- whatever suits you best. 

However, there are a few guidelines you must follow:

  1. Submitted contents should be high-quality, plagiarism-free, original and most importantly well researched.
  2. If the content includes any Images, Graphics or Video then it should be owned/ licensed by the interested individual or organization.
  3. You can contribute to any of the available categories on our website. Just make sure that your content is properly themed.
  4. Any content submitted should have a minimum length of 1000+ words. However, we love long and comprehensive articles.
  5. We only accept articles, case studies, research, videos, Infographics that are properly formatted (with images, sources, and proper headings), grammatically correct, and owned by the guest post interested individual or organization.
  6. All submissions must be SEO-friendly and must add value to the readers of FeedFond.
  7. Any submitted content should cover the subject matter in detail. Incomplete entries will be rejected.
  8. When using quotations, the source of the quote must be mentioned. In case of any study, research, findings, analysis, journals, and statistics, authority and sources should be credited properly.
  9. FeedFond has a right to add related affiliate links or advertisements around a guest post.
  10. A guest contributor will be allowed a single (Do-Follow) URL which can be linked to their social media account or website. The link can be anywhere appropriate inside the article or at the bottom in the Author section.
  11. Authors have to submit a short biography (Max: 50 Words) which will be added in the bottom of the post.
  12. FeedFond does not allow any product review post, advertorial post or posts that contain any affiliate links.
  13. We do not publish or link back to any content related to Gambling, Adult topics, Drugs, Firearm, and all other illegal or sensitive niches. 

If you agree to the terms above, then please fill up the contact form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We can also be reached out at.

For any business queries and sponsorship or other queries, please email us at



What topics are open to writing about?


Just browse through our website and take a look at various categories and sub-categories. All of those are open for you to write about. If you have a unique idea that doesn’t fit in our category, you can email us to discuss details.


What guarantees do I have that the guest post will be published?


We at FeedFond want to publish high-quality posts on our website. However, we cannot guarantee that every guest post will be published. Your post might be rejected if it doesn’t follow the recommended guidelines or some other reason. The chances of your post getting published get higher if you provide high-quality original content and follow the guidelines.


What if I don’t have a licensed image to use for the guest post?


We do not allow any images which don’t have proper licensing and ownership. In case the writer fails to provide the Featured Image of the article/content, FeedFond will create a Featured Image corresponding to the post. Images used from any free websites will be rejected.

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