A Basic Guide to Caring for Pet Birds

A Basic Guide to Caring for Pet Birds

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Birds are wonderful, loyal companions. Although they’re not hyperactive like dogs, they’re still very fun and entertaining. And just because birds live in cages, it doesn’t mean that your responsibilities as a pet owner are any less.

If you’re a new bird owner in search of bird care advice, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out all the basics of taking care of a pet bird. 

Accommodating Your Pet Bird

The cage is basically your bird’s own personal space. This is why it has to be furnished according to your bird’s requirements. Perches are also a necessary part of your bird’s cage. They provide a place for your bird to stand or rest.

What Kind of Cage Should You Get?

If your bird is going to be spending a lot of time in its cage, you should definitely get a large one. The cage should be spacious and rectangular so your bird can move around freely. The cages should be sturdy and strong as well.

Birds move around a lot and they bite the bars too. So, you don’t want flimsy material that can be overturned or bent. It’s safe to say that the cage material should also be non-toxic. The cage should also be designed to be easily accessible and cleaned.

All About Bird Perches

Placing multiple perches in a large cage is a good idea. Birds love to hop around and fly from one place to another. Make sure to keep the perches away from food and water bowls so they’re not bombed with your bird’s droppings.

The perches shouldn’t be too close to the bars either. You don’t want your bird’s tail hitting the cage while it’s resting. Remember, the perch needs to be the best quality or it will hurt your bird’s feet!

Perches need to be changed quite frequently because they get dirty and damaged pretty fast.

Cleaning Your Bird’s Cage

Your bird’s cage floor should be cleaned and checked every day. As for the entire cage, it should be cleaned once every week. You can tell whether your bird is healthy by checking its droppings. If you see blood or droppings of different color, texture or size, your bird is probably ill.

You should always line the cage floor as this will make cleaning much easier. The ideal material for cage liner is a newspaper, paper towels or even the cage liner papers available in the market. You should also place a grill over the cage lining so that the droppings fall below.

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What Kind of Environment Does Your Bird Like?

Birds also need a certain set of environmental conditions to survive. As a pet owner, it’s your job to give your bird a comfortable and healthy environment.

Sunlight and Darkness

Birds need both sunlight and darkness to be healthy. They get their Vitamin D from the sun. So merely opening the curtains with the windows closed won’t do. Keep the windows open at certain times of the day. Also take your bird out occasionally, but never without supervision.

Long periods under the sun can be harmful as well, so make sure there’s a shady place your bird can rest. You should also consider getting a blackout cover for your bird’s cage.

This is because birds need to be in the dark for at least 10-12 hours. Never keep the cage in a room that is actively used at night.

Temperature and Fresh Air

The temperature at which your bird is comfortable depends on the species and its origins. Normal, healthy birds are usually okay at room temperature. Don’t place your bird in an AC room or a room with a heater.

If your bird is sick, it won’t be able to deal with abrupt changes in temperature. Make sure your bird gets plenty of fresh air by opening the windows occasionally.

You could also take your bird out in a controlled environment to let it have the fresh air it needs.

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Feeding Your Pet Bird

Your bird’s dietary requirements will depend on what species it is. However, for every bird, a balanced diet is of utmost importance. Vegetables and fruits are a very important part of your bird’s diet. Green vegetables like spinach, parsley, and celery are ideal choices.

Luckily, there are lots of commercial food available for birds. This is the easiest and best option for bird feeding. It also has the right amount of nutrients as they are designed with professional help. You can give your bird a homemade diet too.

But you’ve got to be very careful about giving your bird the right amounts of nutrients. If you are considering a homemade diet, make sure to consult the vet.

Seeds are good bird treats but they shouldn’t be an everyday food. These should be saved for rare and important occasions.

Food and Water Bowls for Your Bird

When buying food bowls, pick ones that are wide and not too deep so that the food is easily visible. Keep the food and water bowls at opposite ends of the cage. This will make your bird get some daily exercise while eating.

You should also have two sets of each type of bowl so that there is another option to use while the bowls are being cleaned.

Always keep the food and water bowls away from your bird’s droppings. Eating its own droppings and dirty food can make your bird severely ill.

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Grooming Your Pet Bird

Your birds don’t require intense grooming. However, their nails a need to be trimmed frequently. When your bird’s nails are too pointy, you’ll definitely feel it! So that’s when you should trim its nails.

As for wings, when they’re too big, birds gain the power of flight. Keeping them trimmed will prevent your bird from flying away and will make training much easier as well.

If your bird wears a leg band, make sure it is a closed one. The band should also be cleaned frequently to prevent dirt from accumulating beneath it.

How to Bathe Your Pet Bird

Like all pets, birds too need to be cleaned.

You can leave some water in a bowl for your bird to bath in but don’t leave it inside for too long. You could also give it a bath in the sink under a faucet/ Some birds even like to take showers with their owners!

Plain water is usually enough to keep your bird spick and span. But if your bird has for some reason become extremely filthy, it’s time to use stronger measures.

A bit of baby shampoo or a special bird shampoo should do the trick. But make sure to wash it off properly afterward. If your bird has a strange aversion to baths you can simply spray it with some clean water.

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Entertainment for Your Pet Bird

Birds are actually quite high on the intelligent pet scale. They’ve got both physical and mental needs that must be met for them to stay healthy.

Get Your Bird Some Toys

Make sure to get your bird a few toys that will stimulate it mentally. However, these toys should be bird friendly and chewable. Although there are toys available in the market, they don’t always have to be fancy.

Birds can be entertained with simple things like pinecones or even a branch with leaves outside its cage. Just check out some YouTube videos of pet birds, and you’ll know what I mean!

Let Your Bird Fly

Birds don’t just like sitting in the cages all day. Remember, birds are meant to be flying. So, it’s obvious that they need to exercise their wings as well.

You can let your bird fly in the house or in the garden as well. If you do let your bird out in the house, be sure to switch off the fans. Keep your windows closed and don’t keep the stove on. It’s best to let your bird out in a controlled environment.

Give Your Bird Company

Birds need a lot of attention and interaction. Some birds can’t even survive without their mates!

This is why you should always give your bird attention. Birds can get quite bored and depressed on their own. This is why it’s a good idea to keep multiple birds, or at least two, so your bird has company. 

Final Thoughts

Birds are intelligent, active and beautiful creatures. They’re not the most common pet options, but whoever is bird owner is definitely blessed!

You can easily get all the things you need at various neighborhood pet shops and online bird shops, like zoo-bio.co.uk. So, take all the knowledge you learned here and give your pet bird the care it deserves!


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