10 Awesome Hairstyle Hacks To Make You Look 5 Years Younger


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Over the hill? Worried that your age shows on your face? Wondering how to get back your youthful looks of yesteryear?

Well, here’s FeedFond to the rescue! Read on to find out how some simple rearrangement of your hairstyle can make you look 5 years younger!

#1 Go from limp to layered.



If you have long and limp hair that makes you look your age or even older, time to chop off those locks. Try a layered haircut or ask your hairdresser to give it some steps. Try and have your hair frame your face and neck.

#2 Color me good.



A  change in the color and shade of your hair will give you a complete make-over. Just make sure you choose a color that matches your skin tone eyes. Choose a color that’s two or three tones lighter than your original hair color. For the less adventurous, try the color on some strands first. If the highlights look well, then you can go for the whole job. Or you can opt to live with the highlights and turn some heads.

#3 Chop-chop is the right way.



As we grow older, our jawline becomes less defined. To put some youthfulness back, we can cut our hair short. But not so short that it reveals the jawline. It’s safe to have the length of your hair from the chin to the middle of our neck.

#4 Pump up the volume.



Add some volume to your hair by applying hairspray or hair spritz. Avoid the slick, oily look that makes you look older. Go for a few curled strands without going overboard. Ask your hairdresser to add some layers. The whole look should be natural.

#5 Get some bang for the bucks.



If you have a large and prominent forehead, you can ask your hairdresser to give you a few bangs. This will not only make you look and feel younger, but will also cover the lines on your forehead. However, be careful not to have a very thick set of bangs as it might make your face appear fuller.

#6 Parting ways.



A center parting looks old-fashioned and can make you feel older too. Try experimenting with different partings. Use a comb for a zigzag effect. Or go for a side parting. Sometimes a parting on the opposite side can give a completely fresh look. You will definitely feel brand new!

#7 Every day is not Sunday.



Try new looks every day. Wearing your hair too slicked back and tight will make you look older (think Pat Riley of the New York Knicks). The same effect happens when the hair is dead straight. Add some oomph with a few loose strands or some curled ends. Try an asymmetrical haircut to give a slightly tousled look.  

#8 Say yes to a cool evening look.

Time to bid goodbye to perfectly smoothened French buns and raised fronts. Create some drama by treading the less trodden path. Try braids starting from the front of your head and pin them up at the back. Stick a pearl pin or two to add some extra sheen.

#9 Go easy on styling products.



Like slicking your hair back, using too many styling products on your hair will make you look older. Besides, these contain chemicals which are not good if used daily. Choose natural products like a drop of coconut oil to tame your hair.

#10 Use good quality hair accessories if you must.



Don’t use plastic hair clips or bunny rabbit hair bands. If you want to add some color to your hairdo, invest in some neutral toned combs and clips. You’ll feel youthful without looking as if you’re trying too hard to create the effect.

Want to share some secret hairstyling tips with us? Comment in the box below!


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