Top 7 Reasons Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship On Social Media

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The age of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms have ushered in a new trend – if it’s not posted there, then it’s not true. While it’s common for couples to share their special moments like anniversaries, vacations, and birthdays on social media, there’s a growing trend of people that are shunning the practice altogether. And for good reason. Many relationships can’t stand up to constant scrutiny and being in the public eye. Just look at on-camera celebrity relationships that broke up like:

  • Carmen Elektra and David Navarro
  • Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
  • Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
  • Bruce and Kris Jenner
  • The list goes on and on..

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So if you don’t post about your relationship on social media – there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Read on to find out the top 7 reasons why!

#1 No image to maintain


Truly happy couples don’t care about the image their relationship is projecting. Moreover, they are comfortable with their self-image and don’t need to put on a mask.

#2 Nothing to Prove

Truly happy couples don’t feel the need to prove anything. They are certain about their relationship and can keep the details to themselves. For them, there is no need to prove anything.

#3 No Approval Required


There are many couples who seek consent from others about their relationship. But couples who are together for the long run seldom seek approval from any exterior source. They have a clear concept of what their relationship is based on and hence, don’t need to look for approval.

#4 No Social Comparison Sought

Many friends compare their partners with each other. Social media posts are a way of showing how well a relationship is going compared to others’. However, truly satisfied couples are not bothered about comparisons. They stand on solid ground and need no benchmark validated by social media.

#5 Alternate ways of finding happiness


Couples who are comfortable in each other’s company don’t need the social media to find happiness. They are happy simply while on a dinner date or sharing household chores. They will not waste their time posting on social media about how great a date they are having.

#6 A more balanced approach

Happy couples seek a middle path when it comes to posting about their relationship on social media. They try to post only the highlights like an anniversary dinner or a first date. They leave the intimate details to be enjoyed by themselves.

#7 Avoid the evil eye

Some superstitious couples believe that posting moments of their happy relationship may catch the evil eye and destroy it! So they keep their happy relationship under wraps and don’t flaunt it on social media.

Do you know of any other reason that happy couples don’t post about their relationship on social media? Share with us in the comments section below! And do read about why couples who argue actually love each other more!

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