How Your Happy Married Life Positively Affects Your Kids

Happy Married Life

A happy married life is every parent’s dream.

To be the best parents you have to have a strong understanding with your partner and have a happy marriage. But did you know that as parents, your emotions can be contagious to your kids?

It’s no surprise then that whether or not we are happy in our romantic relationship, it can have a direct impact on the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of our children.

A happy marriage makes for a happy life for your children.

It creates a sense of peace and security to their lives that can have a direct impact on their schooling, mental health, and their love life in the future.

Here are 6 ways your outstanding marriage can positively benefit your kids.

1. Life is More Enjoyable

As parents, we want to give our kids a childhood they can look back on with fondness. We want to give them wonderful experiences, laughter, and happiness.

There is no denying that children function better when parents seek to take care of their marriage.

Children in unhappy or separate households do not fare so well.

For example, a study in child development revealed that girls whose fathers left the home before the age of five were eight times more likely to become pregnant as teenagers than girls from intact families.

With two loving parents at their side, your child is more likely to be free of unnecessary struggles in life.

2. Free from Unnecessary Financial Burdens

In a three-decade-long research evaluation, the Li-nacre Quarterly found that “Children living with single mothers are much more likely to live in poverty than children living with both married parents” and that “Children living with single parents are less likely to experience upward financial mobility.”

These statistics can put a child at a disadvantage in life. Not only may they be deprived of the basic necessities of life such as proper food and shelter, but they will also miss out on opportunities to travel, take classes, and pursue college or university.

Instead of living in poverty, your kids will have the income of a two-parent household to support them and open a world of opportunities to them.

3. No Stress at Home

When you have a peaceful, happy married life, this will rub off on your children. They will not feel anxiety about coming home or about interactions with their parents.

This peace frees them from becoming involved in the adult world and helps them to focus on friendships, school, and other activities of childhood.

On the other hand, studies by Billingham and Notebaert found that children of divorce were more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. They went on to cite that “College students whose parents were divorced were more likely to experience verbal aggression and violence from their partner during conflict resolution.”

4. Set a Good Example of Love

Research proves that parent outlook effects childhood behavior. Therefore, the happier you are in your marriage, the better example you’ll set for your little one about how to deal with romantic encounters in the future.

This makes it incredibly important for you and your spouse to show respect, solve problems maturely, and express your love for one another regularly in front of your children.

Your marriage will show your children how spouses should treat each other, while your sound ability to resolve arguments will show your little ones that disagreements aren’t a reason to mistreat one another.

It will teach them that having a disagreement doesn’t mean the end of love.

5. Security and Peace

You set the tone for how your house feels for your little ones. Coming home should feel like a haven from the rest of the world or any other problems your children are facing at school or socially.

Happily married parents truly do bring hope and security to their kids.

Studies show that divorced mothers are less capable of providing emotional support to their children and divorced fathers will spend less time with their children than they would if the family unit was intact.

This can make feeling trust and stability more difficult for children.

On the other hand, happily married parents create a home that feels comfortable and secure to live in. No arguing or chronic tension means kids can come home to a peaceful atmosphere where they can relax.

6. Children Do Better in School

Research shows that children of divorce are more likely to be held back a grade or pursue higher education and will come away with a lower GPA than children from happily married households.

The reasons for this usually come down to both emotional and financial ones.

The good news is that with two stable, loving parents, children will be able to focus more on their studies and work hard at pursuing their dreams. 

How to Maintain a Happy Relationship

If you want to have a happy married life you need to spend quality time with your spouse on a regular basis.

A weekly date night can go a long way in strengthening your marriage for the better. Research done by The National Marriage Institute highlights the importance of a regular date night.

Results showed that couples who made their spouse a priority experienced a boost in romantic love that is commonly linked with new-relationship passion.

Couples also experienced heightened communication skills and physical satisfaction. Married couples who had a regular date night (one or more times a month) were also less likely to split up.

Physical affection plays another role in partner satisfaction. Studies show that even simple touches such as holding hands, kissing, and cuddling together can boost marital happiness and make partners feel closer to one another.

The oxytocin released during physical contact can also help reduce stress and increase trust between spouses. 

Final Thoughts

From schooling to stress, security, and social lives, your happy married life can have a positive effect on your children. Maintain your happy married life by spending quality time with your spouse on a regular basis.

Your whole family will thank you for it.

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