10 Things Happy People Never Do


You can easily spot a person who radiates joy and has a sense of deep happiness—they have a big smile on their face and radiate an aura of positivity wherever they go. So when you see a person like this, does it make you wonder… “How?” I mean, it’s natural to wonder,  “Don’t they have problems?  The truth is, they do, but they choose to see life with a different perspective and as a result, they handle their situations very differently.They make the best out of situations, stay out of other people’s business, and they don’t overthink things of the past, present, and future to keep themselves with a sense of peace.

People who are truly happy intentionally avoid negativity from affecting them. We at Feedfond have compiled a list of 10 negative things to avoid in order to have a happier and healthier life yourself.

#10 Stop Limiting Yourself

Do not constantly limit yourself to the boundaries of expectations, circumstances, and society. Strive to be a better person than you are today and to always move towards a better situation, striving to constantly better your life. Don’t be stuck focused on just one aspect of life—that would be overwhelming for anybody. Remember, life is made up of all different aspects like friends, family, career etc. You may not be successful in all aspects, but it’s important to be happy with what you have. Set your standards higher and defy gravity to fly.

#9 Refuse To Be Defined By Society

Do not allow anybody to define you. Do not allow society to label you. Embrace yourself for who you are. Accept your imperfections, celebrate your achievements and strive to be better.

#8 Avoid Being Ungrateful

Be grateful for what you have. When you start counting your blessings, you will see how much you already have. When you compare yourself to other people, you will only feel as if you are losing out. Focus on what is yours.

#7 Avoid Judging Others

Judging others will only make you bitter because another person’s flaws will shape your attitude towards them. And when you send someone a negative vibe, don’t expect them to respond to you positively. It’s a cycle that continues. Remember the phrase “Do to others as you want them to do to you.”

Be more kind and accepting of others and treat people with the respect they deserve.

#6 Don’t Try To Change Other People

It is very important that you understand a person is who they are and they will not change unless they want to. If you try to push or control other people into changing, you’re only leaving them to feel pressured and yourself to be disappointed. Instead of manipulating people to change, you can provide gentle feedback. If you feel someone is bad company, then walk out of the situation altogether.

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