Best Heated Dog Beds – Reviews & Buying Guide

Heated Dog Beds - Heated dog beds feature image

No pet parent wants their beloved dog sleeping on a cold floor. Imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Pets, especially dogs, stay with us for a very short time. They deserve our utmost love and care. Because let’s be honest – they do the same for us.

It’s our responsibility to provide the best care for our pets so that they can live a healthy, happy life.

If you are living somewhere cold or want a little extra warmth for your furry best friend then heated dog beds may be just the solution.

Not to worry, FeedFond is here with an ultimate guide to “all you need to know about heated dog beds”. Just follow the guide below to know which bed will perfectly suit your cuddly furbaby.

Recommended 10 Best Heated Dog Beds

Heated Dog Beds - Recommended 10 best heated dog beds

It’s easy to get lost amongst the thousands of options on the market. So we have picked the ones that have been tested and reviewed by dog owners themselves. Following this recommendation will help you make an informed decision in order to get the best-heated dog bed within your budget.

#1. K&H Thermo-Snuggly – Best Heated Dog Bed

heated dog beds - K&H Thermo-Snuggly


The oval-shaped K&H Thermo Snuggly heated dog bed is super comfortable and suitable for any dog – large or small. The cushioned walls not only provides a cozy enclosure, but it also gives your pet a sense of security.  The dual-thermostat ensures that the temperature of the bed is just right. It comes in two sizes and with a removable cover, that’s easy to wash.

What We Like about it:

The entire bed can be washed after removing the heating element from the zippered bag.

  • Dual-thermostat
  • Machine washable with removable covers
  • Cushioned walls
  • Low watt consumption
  • The center might be too thin for severely arthritic dogs.

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#2. K&H Lectro-Soft

heated dog beds - K&H Lectro-Soft


Another excellent K&H product, but this one comes with a free cover. The orthopedic foam covered in PVC fabric makes this an excellent bed to be used outdoors. The included removable fleece cover makes the heating pad comfy and it’s easy to wash. More importantly, it comes with a one-year warranty – just in case.

What We Like about it:

K&H Lectro Soft heated dog beds feature a steel-wrapped cord and a superior thermostat that never lets the heating element go higher than the body temperature of your pet.

  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Superior heating element
  • Orthopedic foam
  • Easy to clean
  • Not recommended for chewers

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#3. Aleko PHBED17S

heated dog beds - Aleko PHBED17S


This octagonally-shaped dog bed comes with an excellent heating element that will keep your dog warm even on the coldest nights. The thermostat is “self-regulating” – which means it stays at an ideal temperature whenever you turn it on – so, no more constant monitoring. Besides providing an excellent coziness, the entire bed is also water-resistant and the cushioned perimeter bolsters provide a sense of security and comfort.

What We Like about it:

The Aleko Thermo-Pad comes with a chew-resistant power cord that makes the electrical components even more secure.

  • Self-regulating thermostat
  • Chew-proof power cord
  • Bolster design
  • Added insulation
  • Can accommodate multiple pets
  • Padding seems low for large dogs

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#4. Loving Care Ultra Supreme Nesting

heated dog beds - Loving Care Ultra Supreme Nesting


If pampering your furbaby is your goal in life, then the lavish Loving Care Ultra Supreme may be one of the best heated dog beds for you. It’s comfy, functional, gorgeous looking, durable, water-resistant, and most of all – has great heat retention. It also has thick pillows and is easily washable.

What We Like about it:

A great and quality investment for you and your pet. It’s also great for both hot and cool weather.

  • Great heat retention
  • Water/oil/urine-proof
  • Thick pillows
  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Great look
  • Expensive
  • No heating element

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#5. K&H Self-Warming – Best Heated Dog Bed

heated dog beds - K&H Self-Warming


The K&H Self Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Beds come in six different colors – matching with your home décor in addition to providing comfort and warmth for your dog. The one–inch thick pad has excellent heat retention and the high-quality microfleece invites snugness. It also has an anti-slip bottom that keeps the pad in its place and the entire thing is machine washable.

What We Like about it:

K&H Self warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Beds are great for dogs who are accustomed to living inside crates. The pad fits perfectly inside, creating a warm and safe place.

  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Great for fitting inside crates
  • Fits most crate sizes
  • Great heat retention
  • Only one-inch thick

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#6. American Kennel Club Self-Heating

heated dog beds - American Kennel Club Self-Heating


One of the most high-quality heated dog beds with no power source seems unbelievable, right? However, the AKC Self-Heating Solid Pet Bed with its reflective foil captures the heat from the environment and your pet’s body and keeps it warm. Moreover, the superb quality foam and the quilted sleeping surface also ensures ultimate comfort for your beloved dogs. The bolster edges and the non-skid bottom features are an added bonus.

What We Like about it:

No power source is required for this bed.  The American Kennel Club Self-Heating Pet Bed is affordable in terms of saving electric bills too!

  • Very well made
  • Comes in different colors
  • Great for interiors
  • No electricity
  • Best for small and medium dog breeds

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#7. Sheri Pet Best Friends Igloo

heated dog beds - Sheri Pet Best Friends Igloo


This is one of the best looking innovative dog beds on the market. Sheri Pet Best Friends gives off a warm cave-life environment for your pet. In addition to giving off ample warmth, it also gives your pet plenty of privacy. It uses no electricity and comes in various attractive colors. It’s made from Oxford fabric which is water-resistant and the entire igloo is flexible and durable.

What We Like about it:

There is a removable floor pad that can be used to clean the insides of the igloo.

  • Provides great warmth
  • Flexible and durable
  • Waterproof
  • No heating element
  • Comes in one size only

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#8. Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave

heated dog beds - Snoozer Cozy Dog Cave


Snoozer brings in another cave-like heated dog bed for your furbaby. It comes in various sizes and is perfect for dogs who always insists on burrowing under blankets. The design is unique and brings a great aesthetic to your household. Most importantly, the bed uses no electricity but still provides superior warmth for your dog. The bed is easily removable and washable and the faux-lambskin interior will remind your dog of their wolf ancestors.

What We Like about it:

It’s great for aged dogs who would like nothing better than to rest somewhere they feel secure and warm. Snoozer Dog Cave is also great for dogs like Dachshunds who love to burrow in.

  • Cave-like feel
  • Great for dogs who love to burrow in
  • Washable
  • Faux-lambskin interior
  • Strictly indoor use only
  • No heating element

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#9. K&H Microwavable Bed-Warmer

heated dog beds - K&H Manufacturing Microwavable Pet Bed


If you don’t like using electricity and self-warming heated dog beds are not to your liking, consider a K&H Microwavable Bed Warmer. Just put the cover inside a microwave for two to three minutes and it will provide a full 12 hours of heat. It’s a neoprene covered gel pad and very easy to carry.

What We Like about it:

It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. The gel warmer can also be boiled in water to give warmth.

  • No electricity needed
  • Provides excellent warmth
  • Portable
  • Washable
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Have to re-warm the bag every day
  • Needs careful handling when hot

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#10. Aspen Pet Self Warming

heated dog beds - Aspen Pet Self Warming


If you’re on a tight budget, the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Lounger is a perfect choice. This heated dog bed has a thermos-reflective liner that will preserve heat from the pet’s body and act as the heat source.  The design is nice, cozy and will match the décor of most homes. The lounger is also easily washable and comes in three sizes.

What We Like about it:

The Aspen Lounger is a budget option with all the benefits of heated dog beds. It can also accommodate multiple pets.

  • Inexpensive
  • Washable
  • Thermo-reflective liner
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Cozy
  • No Heating element
  • Limited color option

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What are Heated Dog Beds?

Heated Dog Beds - What are heated dog beds?

You might have noticed that your dog always seeks out the warmest spot in the house to rest. It’s in their canine nature to do so. If your floor is cold, they’ll choose a spot in front of the fireplace or cuddle with you on the sofa for warmth. This is where heated dog beds come in handy. Their function is to provide that much-desired warmth for your dog.

How Cold is Too Cold for Dogs?

Check out the chart below to see how cold affects various dog breeds.

Heated Dog Beds - Best weather condition for dogs - Infographics

In addition to providing heat, these dog beds also have a multitude of health benefits. We will be discussing more of them later in this article.

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How do Electric Heated Dog Beds Work?

Heated Dog Beds - How do electric dog beds work?

Heated dog beds come with a heating element that provides that soothing comfort and warmth for your dog. Electrically heated dog beds come with an adaptor and cable to power them. They use very little watts so you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills.

There’s a thermostat inside the bed which controls the temperature.

Many people prefer adding a heating pad to a bed their dog is already comfortable with. There are, of course, some self-heating options if you are looking for simpler options. 

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Types of Heated Dog Beds

Heated Dog Beds - Types of heated dog beds

When it comes to keeping your canine friend warm in bed, you’ll find that there are quite a few options available. It’s best to know the different types of heated dog beds so you can choose the perfect one for your dog.

1. Bolster Beds

Bolster beds are a traditional dog bed style, created for dogs who love to rest on a pillow or a raised platform. The cushioned walls give the dog a sense of security and comfort. The design of a bolster bed was created keeping a dog crate in mind. It’s where they can curl up or cuddle a toy while napping.

The heating element is lined with raised cushioned walls and a flat bottom. Bolster designed heated dog beds were mainly created for indoor use.

2. Flat Pads

If you already have a dog crate or are just looking to build a warm corner for your dog, then Flat Pad styled heated dog beds will be the best way to go. They are space-saving and can easily fit inside crates and corners.

Flat pads often come with orthopedic or memory foams which provide maximum comfort. They are also very easy to wash and store.

3. Outdoor Heated Dog Beds

In many cases, dogs like to spend most of their time outdoors. There are specifically heated dog beds that will suit your dogs outdoor and adventurous lifestyle. These outdoor heated dog beds are built from durable materials but still provide ample comfort for your dog.

Many designs come with a fleece or soft fabric lining that provides comfort. It can be easily taken off and washed.

4. Heated Furniture Cover

If you are a cuddler and want to keep your dog close,  it’s better to have a heated furniture cover than traditional heated dog beds.  These heated furniture covers can accommodate almost any furniture and the heated element can be moved around for maximum exposure.

This way, both you and your dog can enjoy the warmth while staying close. The cover will also protect your furniture from hair shedding and accidents.

5. Self-Warming Dog Beds

Although not as effective as electrically heated dog beds, self-warming beds are cost-effective and have no power sources. The thermo-reflective liners used in the making store heat from the environment and your dog’s body to provide a pleasant warmth.

Self-warming dog beds have a simple design and are easily washable. They are best if you already live in a warm environment and are looking for a little extra comfort for your dog. 

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Benefits of Using Heated Dog Beds

Heated Dog Beds - Benefits of using heated dog bed

Besides keeping your dog warm on winter nights, heated dog beds also offer various health benefits for your dog. Under certain conditions, these heated dog beds will provide relief and comfort to your furry best friend.

Your dog will benefit if he has these symptoms:

  • Cannot run
  • Has trouble getting up from a prone position
  • Has trouble climbing the stairs
  • Moves stiffly or limps after exercise
  • General movement trouble

1. Relief from Arthritis and Joint Disorders

Arthritis is a type of joint problem and is quite common in pets. It has two forms – inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Although both forms have different symptoms, heated dog beds can provide relief to both ailments.

According to veterinarians, indications of inflammatory arthritis include swelling and joint pain, while non-inflammatory arthritis shows in movement stiffness, pain, and joint degeneration.

Using a heated dog bed, your dog’s tight muscles will loosen and the heat will soothe the pain of stiff joints. This will allow him to rest and sleep comfortably. The use of a bed with orthopedic features will provide support for your dog’s entire body.

2. Soothes Pain from Hip Dysplasia

Just like arthritis, Hip Dysplasia is also quite common among pets. It affects their ball-and-socket hip joints and causes alignment problems. The joint fails to hold the ball inside the socket resulting in abnormal wear and tear. The outcome? Pain and discomfort while standing up or walking.

Bad genes play a big role in causing Hip Dysplasia. However, lack of nutrition or unwarranted exercise during an early age is equally to blame. Heated dog beds provide the comfort which soothes the damaged hip joints and helps ease the pain and stiffness.

3. Helps Dogs with Back Problems

Many dogs suffer from spine-related medical problems and associated pain such as intervertebral disc disease. A heated dog bed will provide them with relief and a pain-free rest.

4. Heated Dog Beds for Senior Dogs

Dogs feeling their age may also find comfort lying on heated dog beds. The heat treatment will improve their flexibility, making movement easier. In addition, the increased circulation will promote general well-being.

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5. Extra Protection for Smaller Dogs

Heated dog beds not only help senior dogs but small breed dogs and puppies too. Small sized dogs and puppies cannot generate an ample amount of heat with their small bodies. With the help of heated dog beds, you can provide them with the required amount of heat. Dogs that have thin or less fur will also benefit from these products. 

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Choosing the Right Heated Dog Beds

Heated Dog Beds - Choosing the right heated dog beds

You have to take into account what suits you and your dog the most. Buying a small bed for a large breed dog is an example of what NOT to do.

Here are a few things you might want to consider before making a purchase:

1. Your Dog’s Sleeping Style

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a heated bed to understand how your dog likes to sleep. If she hates the bed, she won’t be using it – even when she is forced.  Most dogs curl up when resting, while other times they sleep stretched out. If you know how your dog sleeps, you can get the right type of heated dog bed.

There are also dogs who are crate-trainedcrate-trained or sleep in an outdoor doghouse. You have to understand your dog’s needs before getting the right bed for her warmth and comfort.

2. Heating and Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of your dog. So, before buying an electric heating dog bed, make sure that you check the heating element is safe to use. All heating elements should be tested in a lab and made safe for dogs to use.

Electric bed warmers have an adapter and cords which connect to a nearby outlet. If your dog has a habit of chewing, make sure you get chew-resistant cords and unplug the heating bed when not in use.

There are heating beds which use a battery – these can be a good alternative for a dog who loves to chew.

3. Size

For a large breed dog, it’s only natural that you’d need a large-sized heated dog bed. Getting an oversized bed will not only cause discomfort but will also take up a lot of space on the floor if you own a Dachshund or Chihuahua.

Size also matters if you’re looking to place the heating pad inside a crate. Measure the inside of the crate and get the size that matches those dimensions. When buying a heated furniture cover, go for the furniture your dog frequently uses to snuggle.

4. Cleanability

Dogs will be using heated beds to snuggle up after running around the house or the yard. it’s only natural that the bed will get dirty over time.  That’s why cleanliness is a major factor to look out for when buying heated dog beds.

Look for beds that have machine-washable covers – that’ll make cleaning so much easier. Just simply throw the covers inside the washer and you’ll be good to go.

5. Build Quality

Heated dog beds have an electrical element added to it’s built, so it’s essential that you go for a better quality product. Cheap components will always get damaged or break down very easily. What’s more, it can also turn into a fire hazard.

The quality of the bed also matters. Higher quality foam and the fleece cover can handle the heating better than cheaper materials. In addition to quality materials, you should make sure that the bed doesn’t slip on the bottom. Polyester is also a great material when it comes to dog beds as it can hold against wear and tear better than others.

6. Storage and Portability

While portability isn’t a major factor, it’s always a plus. It becomes painful if you have to lug around heavy heated dog beds from one place to another. Portability is also a great feature for owners with dog crates as this will no doubt make things a lot easier when traveling.

Many dog owners live in apartments and they want to save space. That’s when storage becomes a major issue. During summer, when you won’t need it as much, easily storable heated dog beds will free up a lot of space.

7. Budget

Finally, it all boils down to how much green you’re willing to spend on heated dog beds. Remember, although a higher-end product might sound appealing, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit your dog properly.

If you want something that provides your dog with the maximum amount of comfort then opt-in for a higher-priced product. It’ll be a good investment. But if you want to change the dog’s bed once every few years, an average and lasting product will work just fine. Heated dog beds also come with warranties, so pay attention before making a commitment. 

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Bottom Line

There you go, that’s our complete and honest reviews on heated dog beds. We sincerely hope that this will help you choose the best for you and your dog. Not all dogs are suited for cold conditions and even when they are, they require a little warmth to rest and sleep.

Remember, the best-suited dog beds might not be the most expensive ones. So go through the pros and cons of each dog bed to pick the one that’s just right.

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Please note: Articles you read here at FeedFond are genuinely for education or entertainment purpose only. We may earn commissions from the referral link to the products we review. However, this does not influence our judgment, but we strive to help people make an informed decision with positive and negative evaluations. We withhold any responsibility for any loss, risk, and personal or otherwise, experienced as a result, directly or indirectly, from any information or guidance given here.

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