Brilliant Valentine’s Day Cards For The Not So Ordinary Couples


With Valentine’s day right around the corner, gift shops are getting stocked with candies, roses, gifts and of course cards with love pouring out of them. While there is nothing wrong with the usual cards that we find at the counters, Valentine’s day deserves something different and special. What could be more special than brutal honesty?

Honesty is a core value in every relationship and it’s difficult to find cards that are brutally honest, humorous and stand out from the rest. Granted cards like that are not everybody’s cup of tea, but, honesty goes a long way and the right person, will find love in every little thing you do. Sure, they might not be super romantic and won’t probably make you all lovey-dovey inside, but for your perfect somebody, it’ll be a shower of love!

Check out some of the unique cards FeedFond have compiled for unconventional romantic and couples who hate cheesy love quotes. Be sure to vote for your favorites too!











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