7 Habits to Keep Your House Clean with Kids & Pets

Maintaining a clean house can be quite a chore, and when kids and pets are added to the picture, it becomes quite impossible to keep the house squeaky clean at all times. But who would like for their home to smell like their dogs or to have their guests covered up in their pup’s fur?

Of course, there would be nothing more embarrassing than this, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to invest hours, days and weeks cleaning up. That can be extremely stressful but who said that cleaning has to be difficult?

You can make the process more efficient by developing certain habits that can help save time and keep the dirt and dust at bay.

If you are a worried parent with either two-legged or four-legged children or both just like me, here are seven useful habits that you can adopt and have a shining house at all times: 

Organize and Prioritize

You may get overwhelmed by the number of chores you are supposed to handle in a day, but the key here is to prioritize. Make a list of tasks you are supposed to handle, and stick it on the fridge, so it is prominent. Choose two or three of the important ones to be dealt with in a day without overburdening yourself.

Assign specific times for each task, for instance, make the bed as soon as you wake up and make a habit of putting one load of laundry after getting up. Instead of leaving the day’s cleaning to be done the next day, do the dishes after dinner, so you have a clean kitchen.

Make sure you wash your dog’s bedding weekly as well and not delay it for weeks. Take a shower when the kids are asleep and encourage them to clean up their messes. 

Make it a Family-Fun Affair

You alone don’t have to take charge of cleaning the entire house.  It can also get frustrating to handle the chore when you don’t have a helping hand. The best way to make it a fun affair is to get your family onboard.

You can choose 30 minutes of the day when everyone comes together to work and complete their respective task; it won’t seem so boring when everyone else is working along with you.  It will help teach your kids responsibility and will benefit them in the more extended run.

Even the little ones can participate; all you need to do is assign age-appropriate chores to everyone and begin. The kids can be assigned easier tasks such as making their bed, cleaning up their own and the dog’s toys, organize the closet, vacuum the room or assist with the cleaning of the purchased bird cage for the cockatiel.

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Clean Your Pets

A clean dog can make quite a difference to the overall cleanliness of your house. Since our dogs sit on the furniture and come in physical contact with the doors, rugs or the doorway, a dirty canine can make things look grimy much quicker, and the fur shedding everywhere is a whole other story.

Although our furry companions aren’t big fans of bath time, it is still essential to give them a regular cleanup. Treats and toys will be your best friends while training your pooch to make peace with the water. 

Use the Right Tools

The selection of the right tools can make all the difference to your cleaning routine, helping you save time and effort. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should try out all the expensive supplies and potions, only purchasing a few for the required tasks will do the job. For instance, invest in a vacuum cleaner that can pick up pet fur or a self-cleaning litter box.

You can also create effective cleaning solutions at home using simple ingredients available in the kitchen.

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Develop the Practice of Putting Things Away As You Go

A significant reason behind clutter is not developing the habit of cleaning up as you go. Believe me; the habit can make all the difference between a clean and messy home at the end of the day. Don’t throw your clothes on the couch as you return from work instead put them in the right place.

If you have a habit of piling stuff near the doorway, purchase a few storage boxes or organizers and place them in the hallway. The same rule should apply to the kitchen, clean it up after you are done with dinner and put things in their assigned storage areas after use. 

Declutter ASAP

Clutter isn’t useful; it can make the house look untidy and difficult to clean up. Decluttering won’t happen overnight especially if you have the habit of hoarding unnecessary stuff, but there is always a place to start. Start by sorting out the things you have hoarded. Out of these separate the things that you have not used so far.

Speaking from experience, I can assure you that you won’t be using this stuff anytime in the future as well, so consider giving it away to someone who could make use of it. You can also put it up in a garage sale or exchange it with a friend or neighbor who has stuff that you might need. If you’re having a large clear out, you may need to consider a dumpster rental.

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Give Yourself a Break

You can try being as efficient as possible, but not every day is the same mainly when the kids are cranky, or your pooch isn’t in the mood to listen. You need to constantly remind yourself that it is okay even if 80% of the cleaning is done.

It is hard, but for the sake of our sanity, we need to learn to be okay with a house that is clean enough. Just make sure you target the important ones on your list and get those off of it. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t think cleaning as a chore. It will only demotivate you. The important things are to clean regularly, and not keep the dirt and garbage piled up. It might be difficult at first, but in time you’ll get accustomed to it. And with these simple habits, you’ll notice that your house looks cleaner and fresher than ever before! 

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