Tips for Professional Women to Cope with Menopause

How to Deal with Menopause

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Women who are highly ambitious about their careers generally work toward a fulfilling future. From attending meetings all day to keeping a generally mature and professional attitude, their heavy workload can become a burden. 

However, the monthly menstrual cycle can bring about hormonal changes in every woman. From a young age, women go through the monthly period cycles, which cause hormonal disruptions. 

But for women who enter menopause, the new changes are worse. For older women who are working in paid jobs, menopause can be an especially torturous time. So, here are some tips for professional women to cope with the sudden change in their lives.

Dietary Needs

A woman going through menopause will face a surge of hormonal changes. These are not simply physical transitions. A woman goes through an entire personality change in which her attitude, relationships, and even sex life will be affected. Many women even make “heat of the moment” decisions and leave their families on a whim.

For an easier transition, women who feel they are about to enter menopause should make changes in their food habits. Calcium and Vitamin D are important nutrients to replace their lost hormones, especially in the bones. Green vegetables, milk products, and juice are some sources of high-energy nutrients.


Gaining weight is one of the unfortunate symptoms of menopause. Working women will feel constantly tired and find themselves gaining weight rapidly due to the sudden stress. The excess weight, in turn, leads to even more complications like health diseases and also accelerates the negative menopause symptoms.

One of the most common symptoms of weight gain is the regular hot flash, where the body goes through various temperature changes. Working women should consider adding regular exercise routines to their daily lives beforehand and stick to it as they enter menopause to avoid complications later on in life. This also reduces the effects of hot flashes.

Foods to Avoid

Hot flashes can also increase due to certain trigger foods. Working women who are heavily reliant on caffeine, sweets, and alcohol face more hot flashes. These will only worsen the symptoms of menopause, making the transition physically and emotionally draining.

So, professional women should cut back on their caffeine intake and opt for healthier drinks to boost energy levels.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Hormonal Replacement Therapy includes medical treatments for women who are unable to cope up with the changes in their bodies during menopause. This involves replacing the missing hormones in their bodies via a variety of methods to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

However, this procedure can be extremely risky, and many women ended up developing diseases, such as breast cancer, or experiencing stroke and heart attacks. This should only be followed through with the advice of a doctor.

Water is a Must

A lot of working women have the tendency to keep themselves dehydrated for long hours during work time. In later life, the lack of water not only causes kidney problems but, during menopause, the women go through a dry spell. 

The estrogen levels fall, and they feel constantly dehydrated. By intaking at least ten glasses of water every day, not only women are reducing the risk of missing estrogen but are also preventing weight gain and bloating and will experience an increased metabolism.

No Skipping Meals

Work can get stressful for women, and professional women often tend to skip their meals to work on last-minute assignments. This can increase the hormonal problems during menopause. By depriving the body of essential minerals at the right times, the hormones will keep decreasing during menopause.

Therefore, working women are strongly encouraged to keep a balanced meal diet and not to skip on any mealtime.

Avoiding the Heat

Hot flashes can be extremely torturous for working women. The sudden flashes can occur anytime and anywhere. Women who have to go out a lot for work will face increased and more frequent flashes. 

Other than drinking a lot of water to keep themselves cool, it is advisable for women to avoid places with a lot of heat. Saunas and hot places should be avoided by working women until the menopause period is complete. They should also keep their bedrooms cool, especially during the night, to decrease the hot flashes.

Getting Involved with Hobbies

Menopause causes women to become moody and feel depressed. Working women, who face a lot of stress, will feel particularly depressed and isolated from their social circles. While menopause does help a woman to discover new sides to her, the constant mood swings can also cause a strain on her relationships.

To keep their minds occupied, women can take up some new hobbies. The sudden passion to paint or play sports can emerge. Professional women should follow these urges and dabble in new activities to keep themselves happy. They will feel a renewed sense of accomplishment and fulfillment

Final Thoughts

Menopause is a major transition for any woman. After years of following a particular period cycle, the sudden change in her body is bound to cause physical and emotional setbacks. In fact, a lot of women face personal turmoil during their menopause, which leads to breaking off long-term relationships and isolating themselves from everyone.

The changes are sudden and overwhelming for any woman. Working women have it especially hard due to the constant stress, workload, and tensions they face. Their bodies go through an unfathomable change that they cannot avoid, and their everyday lives become severely disrupted.

By following the tips given above, working women can find some solace during their menopause. However, in the end, they will need a lot of willpower and determination to get through their menopause period and enter a new phase of life successfully.


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