The Best Methods & Strategies on How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles


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Nobody likes the idea of having carpet beetles sharing their home. However, it’s a pest that many will have to deal with at some point. Unlike some other pests carpet beetles don’t bite or suck blood, but they are an incredible nuisance, and capable of destroying many things around the house.

Despite their name, they don’t just eat carpet fibers; in fact, they are equally partial to many things around the house. It includes furniture, pet fur, skin flakes, food crumbs, plants, papers and books, curtains, bedding, clothes and more. 

Spotting the Problem

Carpet beetles are very small and prefer to hide in places you may not easily spot them. So, it’s likely the first indications of a problem are either the sudden bare patches or holes you notice appearing in your curtains, clothes, and rugs. You might also notice the skins the larvae shed as they mature.

An adult female can lay around 100 eggs at once! It is these young, growing offsprings that cause the most damage to property. 

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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Have no doubt that banishing these beetles for good is a task that requires serious effort and commitment, but there are several different effective strategies to choose between.

1. The Traditional Method

Using vacuums for removing carpet beetles can prove to be very effective and is most commonly done by homeowners.

Thoroughly vacuum all floor surfaces and furniture daily for a week or two, emptying the content into a sealed bag each time. Every single thing in the house must be checked, and thrown away if it has signs of damage.

The remaining clothing, bedding, and towels should be either dry cleaned, washed on a high heat, or if not possible, frozen in a sealed bag for a few days to kill any larvae lingering on. Don’t forget to seal things like soft toys into bags so you can check in a week or two for any unwelcome lodgers inside.

2. The Easiest Method

If dealing with this problem is challenging simply call in a pest control company with experience of eliminating carpet beetles. They work fast and use special chemicals to kill the beetles. Although you still need to do other tasks, such as checking and washing clothes, linens and curtains.

3. The Natural Method

After the initial vacuuming steam clean carpets, adding apple cider vinegar to the water as this is toxic to beetles. Cedar oil is another natural product which kills the larvae and eggs; simply mix it with water and spray liberally on carpets, rugs, curtains, furniture etc.

Or try a peppermint oil/water spray, it’s a natural insecticide. As with the specialist cleaning approach all linens still need to be checked and washed. 

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Final Thoughts

Banishing carpet beetles does require a clear strategy and a certain amount of effort, but it’s not a problem you should ignore. Whether you choose to tackle this issue yourself or call in the experts, fast action of some sort is essential to avoid further damage and for future peace of mind. 

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