Awesome Tips on How to Properly Groom Poodle Hair

how to groom a poodle

The first time you set your eyes on your poodle, chances are that you were extremely impressed with her thick, hairy body. But several weeks down the line, you came to learn that this smooth coat requires a lot of work to maintain.

And, yes, that’s the unfortunate truth about keeping these furry friends looking dapper.

So today we’d like to make your life a bit easier by introducing you to some simple DIY tips for keeping poodle hair looking neat and well-trimmed.

Regular Grooming

Poodles shed their hair every so often and this can soil your living room – especially the carpets and mats. Therefore, regular grooming is highly recommended.

Be sure to always have some poodle clippers in your arsenal, get some more details about poodle clippers. The main benefit of buying clippers for home use is that they save you the bucks you’d otherwise use to hire a professional groomer.

Types of Poodle Clips

The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional groomer to give your pet that unique but well-kept look. Here now is a list of different clips, how to achieve and why to opt for any one of them.

1. The Puppy Clip

This is your go-to kind of clip when you want to give your pup a neat and clean appearance. And as its name suggests, this is the kind of clip you need to settle for if your dog is below 1 year of age.

When using the puppy clip, the best way is to start out by shaving the face, before proceeding to the throat, paws and finally the base of the tail. Note that you can always make a pompon at the end of the tail if you like.

In order to ensure that the trim looks neat, you may need to use a pair of scissors to tame any straggly hairs.

2. The Kennel Clip

If you don’t have much time to trim your dog’s hair or if the pet is hyperactive, the kennel clip would be your best bet. In this method, only the feet, the base of the tail and face are closely shaved.

Ideally, you want the hair in these three regions to be at a uniform height of half an inch. The rest of the body is simply scissored into shape.

Of course, this method also gives you the freedom to choose how long you want the hair to be. For instance, you can opt for a shorter length during hotter months and longer lengths during winter.

In a nutshell, if you’re short of time and still want to give your pooch a quick, and stylish trim, we think this would be a pretty good style to opt for.

3. The Sporting Clip

This poodle hair grooming method is quite popular in the UK. Basically, it involves giving the face, throat, base of tail and feet a close shave. And the icing on the cake is that you’re supposed to leave a scissored cap at the top of the head.

As for the legs, you simply clip them by following the dog’s outline, leaving a soft coat roughly 1-inch long. It’s ok to have the fur around the legs slightly longer than the rest of the body.

And just like in the puppy clip method, here you can also leave a fluffy pompon on the end of the tail.

4. The Lamb Trim

Just like in the kennel clip, here the legs are given a close shave but the rest of the body hair left a lot longer. For instance, you can have the body fur coat at two inches or thereabout but the legs at 0.5-inches or slightly above that.

Just be careful not to overly trim the legs to an extent that they end up looking like sticks (pun intended).

One benefit of this approach is that it protects your pet from potential sores and infections which are typical when the body hair is shaved too closely.

You can always use your thinning shears or scissors to blend the legs into the body (for a nice transition). And that way, you can achieve a stylish yet minimalistic look on your pup’s fur coat.

5. The Modified Puppy Clip

This is more or less similar to the original puppy clip which we have already talked about. The only difference here is that you’ll need to shape the topknot into a cap and shorten the body fur with scissors.

So, you get pretty much the same results you’d expect from a puppy clip but with a more stylish topknot and neater body-to-legs transition.

6. Teddy Bear Clip

Despite the fact that this style has the name “clip” in it, you won’t need to use a clipper at all. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors which you will use to shape the entire body.

Another thing is that you’ll use the scissors to trim the topknot while being keen on making this area roundish (instead of a cap). You don’t really need to get the tail, feet, and face shaved at all unless they clearly don’t match with the rest of the body.

And in that case, a gentle trim would easily get the job done.

Preparation for Grooming the Poodle

In order to have an easy time in grooming and cutting the poodle hair, we advise you to have the following set of tools close by:

  • A set of poodle clippers
  • A 10 blade
  • A can of cool lube
  • Trimming shears or scissors
  • Pin brush and comb

The Clipping Process

Start by using the pin brush to brush your poodle systematically; from front to back and then from head to toe. Be particularly keen on the feet and backside since this is one of the hotspots for matted hairs.

Remember, grooming styles vary and, therefore, you should adjust this process to fit the specific method in use.

If you locate any mats, you can remove them by holding the hair as far away from the skin as possible and then gently brushing it from the end toward the skin.

Remember, it’s always important to work with the right kind of trimmer.

In Conclusion

There you have it! Trimming the hair off your poodle is as simple as that. Just be careful not to hurt the poor animal in the process. If you ever have any doubts, we strongly advise you to consult a professional.

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