25 Knitting Tips that Will Make You a Better Knitter Instantly

how to knit faster

Winter is coming, ya’ll! So, take out those needles and let’s start knitting some warm and fuzzy sweaters and scarves!

Now, since we know knitting can be quite a hassle, we have listed 25 easy knitting tips that will instantly make you a pro knitter!

1. Shop for High-Quality Yarn

No matter how intricate your design is, cheap ingredients will make your product look cheap. So, spend a few extra bucks on high-quality yarn to save yourself from regret later.

You can find unique treasures of different yarns online. Shop from the comfort of your home and also get knitting yarn free shipping with your order.

2. Know Your Yarn

To knit a high-quality sweater, you first need to understand the fiber content of your yarn. You’ve got to pick the right thickness, color, and texture.

I recommend choosing a medium-weight yarn with a smooth texture to be able to see your stitches easily. Save the fuzzy yarns for later when you become a pro knitter!  

3. Try to Visualize Your Product

This way, you’ll know what outcome you want and can choose the materials that will complement your project.

4. Know Your Needles

There are lots of needles and finishes to choose from. Beginners usually prefer 10-inch long bamboo needles.

These are really nice to use as they are not as shiny, smooth, or polished as other finishes. That’s good because it means your yarn will stay put a little bit better on the needles and not slide around while you knit.

5. Gauge Swatch for Accuracy

A lot of patterns will require you to knit a gauge. It sounds like a pain but can save you a lot of time later. If you knit the gauge and measure it properly, you can see if your garment will be too big or too small.

6) Cast On

What you essentially need to do is create a foundational row of stitches for the rest of your piece to be built on.

Pro Tip: Make sure your stitches stay nice and loose and comfortable on your needle because you’ll be going back to these stitches whenever you knit your first row.

7. Set the Mood

Prepare yourself for knitting by setting the scene. Play some music, sip on coffee, do whatever brings out the knitter in you!

8. Uniform Stitches

Knitting is all about consistency. Try to keep your stitches the same size to get a more detailed finish. But avoid pulling the working yarn too tight that they squeeze the life out of your needle.

9. Read Your Patterns

Don’t jump into anything without reading the full patterns and instructions. Know what you’ll be expected to do and start only if you feel confident knitting that particular design.

10. Keep It Simple

If you try to do something that’s beyond your capabilities, you’ll only feel disappointed. So, keep it simple until you have built up your confidence.

11. Use a Knitting Needle Stopper

If you are going to keep your knitting lying about, invest in a stopper tool. You can pop your needles in the tool, and your stitches will be safe.

12. Buy a Row Counter

A row counter keeps track of how many rows you have knitted. Pop it onto the end of your needle and turn it after you complete every row.

13. Take Notes, Please!

It’s always a great idea to keep notes on what is it that you want out of your project. That way, it’ll be easy for you to stay on track and decide on the other things you might need to successfully complete your project.

14. One Row at a Time

Make sure you finish your rows every time so that the tension between your stitches remain constant and give a smooth, identical finish.

15. Do Not Panic

Missed a stitch? No problem. Go back and try to figure out what may have gone wrong. Instead of panicking, try to find a solution to fix the mistake.

16. Demonstrate Control

Knitting is all about control. Use your fingers to have a better grasp on the needle, yarn, and the product.

17. Less is More

The less your movements are during knitting, the better will be the finish. It’s all about making small movements.

18. Pick Up a Dropped Stitch

If you see loops while knitting, it means you have dropped stitches. Don’t worry, it can be fixed.

Find your stitch point, hold it, and insert the other loose strands through the loop so that you start seeing the original pattern. You can then take the final stitch and pop on to the needle to start where you left off.

19. Join New Yarn at The Beginning of a Row

Unless your knitting game is strong, avoid joining a new yarn in the middle of a row. Always join yarn at the beginning of a new row. 

It’s simpler and has fewer chances of error.

20. Concentrate

Knitting is all about getting the stitches right. So, if you are a beginner, focus while knitting and try not to miss a stitch.

21. Experiment with Styles

Every person has a preferred style of knitting that they are comfortable with. So, to be more efficient, it is wiser to stick to the style you feel competent in.

22. Practice Makes Perfect

Knitting is not a skill to be mastered within a day. Keep practicing and learn one trick at a time.

23. Don’t Try Everything at Once

It’s not easy to master every pattern you see. Instead of abandoning your project midway by experimenting with new patterns, stick to one design.

24. Perform the Bind Off

After you have knitted your garment to your desired length, you should do a bind off. It is done across the entire row, which results in a nice, clean, finished edge that will not unravel.

25. Keep Calm and Do It!

Knitting is an art, and like creating every other type of masterpiece, it will require patience and effort.

So, don’t lose hope if it doesn’t work out right the first time. You’ll eventually get the hang of it!


The feeling you get after successfully knitting something for yourself or your loved one is beyond compare. 

So, this fall, use our simple hacks and get your knitting game strong!

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