How to Swaddle a Baby the Right Way

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New mommies often struggle with putting their little babies to sleep. Over the centuries, people have dealt with this through swaddling.

Swaddling is when you wrap your baby into a tiny burrito to help them relax and get to sleep. Swaddling helps to make your baby feel safe and secure.

The skill-set required to swaddle your little one is something you have to master. There are certain techniques for how to swaddle your baby.

You might find this a difficult subject, but there are ways to help you learn how to a swaddle a baby the right way.

Here at FeedFond, we have provided some easy methods to help you learn this neat trick:

Swaddling in a Nutshell  

Swaddling in a Nutshell  

Tightly wrapping your baby inside a blanket will make your baby feel safe, warm and secure. Previously, your tummy was your baby’s safety blanket.

So now, when your baby is on the outside, they will need warmth and a sense of security. Swaddling helps your baby to feel assured and, if done properly, it will also put them to sleep faster.

According to doctors and child specialists, swaddling is found to be perfectly safe and very effective if done right.

It is also recommended by doctors as a way of soothing your baby. Swaddling will give your baby comfort and prepare them for sleep.

There are blankets that are specially designed for swaddling. You can invest in them and keep your baby safely tucked in your arms. 

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Reasons for Swaddling a Baby 

Reasons for Swaddling a Baby 
When your baby is taken out of your womb, they cannot take the sudden change in temperature and sense of abandonment.

1. Swaddling Provides a Sense of Security 

Inside the tummy, babies feel close to their mother and they feel secure. With minimum space inside the womb, they can barely move and they get used to this feeling of constriction.

Swaddling allows them to feel the warmth and affection they remember from the womb when you wrap them tightly. When you re-create that feeling, they will feel snuggled and cozy.

2. Swaddling has a Calming Effect 

Babies can often start crying or become restless for no apparent reason. Swaddling is believed to have the power to soothe your baby and create a snug environment that’s similar to the feel of a big hug.

When you wrap your baby in a tight blanket, it makes them feel comfortable. Plus, it ’s easier for you to hold and they fall asleep faster. Swaddling helps new moms put their baby to sleep easily by calming them down.

3. Swaddling Helps Babies Sleep Faster 

You can also walk around with your baby wrapped as a tiny human burrito or sway to make them fall asleep.

The way you hold your baby and how you caress them will create a sense of bonding. This will help your baby to sleep soundly for longer.

4. Swaddling Prevents Babies from Sudden Outbursts 

Babies often wake up from a peaceful sleep due to ‘startle reflex.’ Swaddling will stop them from these sudden outbursts.

With their arms and legs tucked firmly inside the blanket, they will feel protected. This will stop them from waking up in the middle of the night.

5. Swaddling Helps Babies During Transitioning

Swaddling helps your baby deal with the transition of coming out of your tummy. After being used to the thinly layered confines of the womb, swaddling can help them to settle into the outside world.

With their tiny little hands safely wrapped up, it also prevents them from scratching their face and hurting themselves.

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How to Swaddle a Baby

How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling is an art. You must master how to swaddle a baby in order to put them to sleep. There are different kinds of blankets available for swaddling your little baby. There are some ready-made swaddles available that you can just tuck your baby into.

After birth, you’ll notice that the nurses or the pediatrician will wrap up your baby for you, and you can pick up some tips from them.

But if you’re looking to learn more about how to do it, just follow these simple steps on how to swaddle a baby the right way.

1.The Diamond Swaddle 

This has been one of the most popular swaddling techniques for new parents:

  • Lay a large soft blanket on the bed and position it into a diamond shape
  • Fold the top corner down about four inches and place your baby’s neck on the folded part and his back exactly in the center of the blanket
  • Secure your baby’s hands and legs by pulling the blanket from the right-hand side and then pulling the bottom corner upwards towards your baby’s right shoulder
  • Make sure the blanket is not stretched too tightly around the hips of your little one
  • Finally, pull the left side of the blanket across and wrap your tiny human into a little cocoon

How to Get the Diamond Swaddle Right 

The Swaddle Does Not Have to be Perfect

Don’t worry if your swaddling technique is not n perfect the first few times. Keep trying and soon you will get the hang of it.

Sometimes your baby might squeeze their hand out of the swaddle because you didn’t t tuck it in right, but don’t worry as you can always redo it. 

Think About your Baby’s Comfort

You will soon learn how to swaddle your baby easily when you realize what makes your baby comfortable. Watch how your baby reacts and if the blanket comes loose, tuck it in again.

Don’t lose hope. The first few times are never easy. Always keep in mind your baby’s sense of security. Once you make your baby feel safe, secure and warm, they will snuggle in happily inside their warm blankie.

However, not all babies feel comfortable inside the diamond swaddle. So, if it is not working for your baby, then do not worry. There other methods for you to try as well.

2. The Square Swaddle

The square swaddle is for moms in a rush and who to tuck their baby in quickly. The square swaddle resembles the diamond swaddle, it is just a lot easier to do:

  • Lay a blanket down in a square and fold the top corner down to place your baby’s head
  • Lay the baby on their back and place them as you did in the diamond position
  • Pull the left side of the blanket over their tummy and then pull up the bottom corner of the blanket to meet it
  • Make sure your baby’s arms and legs are safely tucked inside and then wrap the little human by pulling the right corner of the blanket across

How to Get the Square Swaddle Right 

Square swaddling is quite a time effective and pretty easy for you to master. Stop worrying about how to swaddle the baby and just repeat it a few times. You’ll soon become a pro.

This is equally as effective as the diamond swaddle and requires minimum effort from you while keeping the baby calm.

3. The SleepSack Swaddle 

Want an even easier and faster option? Then stop looking for ideas on how to swaddle a baby and opt for the sleep sack swaddle technique.

There are ready-made swaddles available online and in many baby stores. Buy a zip-up sleep sack, a velcro sleep sack, or a swaddle onesie that tightly tucks your baby in.

The steps for wrapping them up will vary on the product you purchase. However, it is pretty simple and will not require any expertize to master this art.

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Will Swaddling Work on Every Baby? 

Will Swaddling Work on Every Baby? 

No, this technique does not work on all babies. There are many babies who hate swaddling. So, if your baby clearly doesn’t enjoy it, do not force it on them.

How to Determine if Swaddling is Appropriate for your Baby? 

Some babies do not like being swaddled. You can tell by their response to it. Here are a few reasons to avoid swaddling your baby:

  • If your baby cries and strongly resists swaddling, then stop.
  • Babies who are two months old or more tend to roll over. So, swaddling is not safe for them.
  • If you live in a place where it is very hot, then refrain from swaddling your baby

Some babies feel suffocated when swaddled. So, understand your baby’s need and act accordingly. 

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When to  Stop Swaddling

When to  Stop Swaddling

What’s more important than knowing how to swaddle a baby is knowing when to stop. When babies start to grow up, they will no longer feel the need to be swaddled.

Your baby will become accustomed to the environment and will start moving around by two months old. So, you would notice that the baby has outgrown the swaddle and falls asleep regardless.

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Is Swaddling Safe for the Baby?

Is Swaddling Safe for the Baby?

Swaddling helps a baby to feel safe and secure so that they can fall asleep. It does not affect your baby in any negative way.

This method has been tried over the years and always works efficiently. Just make sure that you keep your baby on their back and not on their tummy.

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It would be best to get your baby used to the traditional way of sleeping. To ensure your baby doesn’t rely on swaddling, start loosening the wrap when he turns two or three months old.

Always remember that there are different kinds of swaddling for each baby. If one does not work for your baby, try another. Make sure you always handle your baby with love and care.

Getting exposed to the outside world can be scary for your little one. Make sure they feel safe in your arms. If you have more tips on how to swaddle a baby, please feel free to share them with us!

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