Human Growth Hormone: Benefits, Side Effects, Facts, Myths, and Ways to Boost HGH Naturally

Human Growth Hormone: Benefits, Side Effects, Facts, Myths, and Ways to Boost HGH Naturally

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An astounding number of people are either taking or planning to take HGH in an attempt to either conserve their youth or get the body growth they want.

Produced naturally by our pituitary glands, it is a hormone that determines our growth when we are in our younger days. However, tempering with this hormone and using the synthetic version is not advised by medical experts.

But, before we can dive into this whole HGH usage argument, let’s have a brief look at what it actually is.

According to “Growth hormone, also called somatotropin, is perhaps the body’s most essential of all hormones. Our endocrine system is host to over 60 different chemical messengers – each with their own set of functions. None, however, do as much for the body as human growth hormone.”

HGH is actively used in medications and other prescribed drugs to treat people with hormonal imbalance. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s jump into the main part.

Myths About The Human Growth Hormone

There are some unproven theories and thoughts about the use of HGH. Let’s have a look at those.

1. The most common myth about HGH is that anyone can buy it online, and you don’t need any prescription to start using it. The reality is that you need a document from a medical practitioner to get HGH online.

2. A lot of people believe that HGH can stop them from aging, and it will help them look more youthful.  That is not correct; HGH has nothing to do with aging. You might look older/younger because of the change in your body structure.

3. There is almost no medicine in this world that doesn’t come with any side effects. HGH is no exception, although a lot of people tend to argue that it does not have any negative consequences.

In reality, you can get a wide variety of diseases, including body deformities from the misuse of HGH.

4. Because of the sensitive nature of this substance, a lot of you might think that HGH is illegal. It is not illegal. But, you must have a legitimate cause or purpose if you want to get your hands on this drug.

5. Some people say that you have to continue using this once you have started taking it. This isn’t the case at all. You can stop using HGH at any time you want.

Whenever you have achieved your desired level of body growth, you can stop using HGH.

Facts About Using Human Growth Hormone

So, now that we know all the misinformation regarding HGH, let’s have a look at the facts.

1. The release of Human Growth Hormone is completely dependent on our brain. Our brain regulates the amount of HGH to be produced and released inside the body in a certain period of time.

2. There’s a huge difference between testosterone and human growth hormone. One gives your body and mind more masculine aura, and the other initiates cell growth inside your body. While testosterone can be taken orally, HGH can only be injected inside the human body.

3. Human Growth Hormone inside your body starts skyrocketing in your early days. This is particularly noticeable during your puberty. But, the HGH production rate starts to slow down once you achieve your 20s. It completely disappears after you’ve reached your late 30s.

4. While it’s true that Human Growth Hormone makes you more buff in size, it might not make you stronger. You start to consume more mood after the consumption of HGH, but your body can slow you down. There’s a lack of stamina which is vividly noticeable among HGH users.

5. As the Human Growth Hormone triggers new cell production, a part of your outer skin does get a lot more new cells. But, it does not necessarily result in anti-aging.  A lot of marketers are using this as an anti-aging formula, but it doesn’t have many credentials behind it.

Benefits of Using Human Growth Hormone

When used in the right manner, HGH can be a game-changer in your personal fitness. Let’s have a look at the other benefits of this wonderful fluid.

1. When used in a controlled manner, HGH is known to improve the strength of your muscles and bone structures. It stimulates collagen synthesis that wraps the muscle mass around our bones. As a result, muscle strength is increased, and exercise performance is improved.

2. HGH can be prescribed to a person with an extreme bone fracture. Human Growth Hormone accelerates the healing process with quicker cell reproduction. Thus, it can close down a bigger fracture in a considerably shorter amount of time. The growth hormone IGF-1 is one of the major players in achieving this.

3. The Human Growth Hormone can break down the fatty tissues inside the human body and turn them into muscle mass. This can then be successfully used for weight reduction. Study shows that HGH with the combination of the placebo can help in the reduction of the weight of obese people.

4. HGH can help you to fight any kind of cardiovascular disease. In a study done in Sweden, it was revealed that those who have a lack of HGH are more at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This can then shorten your life expectancy.

So, using a proper dose of Human Growth Hormone can keep away from this nasty disease.

5. Although there are other methods of treating erectile dysfunction, having Human Growth Hormone is a tried and tested one. HGH is found to be linked with sexual maturity and longevity.

Disadvantages of Using Human Growth Hormone

Using this substance uncontrollably also has its downsides. Let’s get a deeper look into the harmful effects of using Human Growth Hormone.

1. The excessive use of HGH can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, which can ultimately turn into anxiety, numbness, and uncontrolled flexes in your hands.

2. This can also result in severe nerve, muscle, and joint pain to some extent. You might also suffer from uneven muscle distribution, which then gets stuck in a randomized order.

3. Concurring edema is also seen among regular Human Growth Hormone users. It swells the outer exterior of your arms and your legs. This is due to the massive amount of fluid retention.

4. Your cholesterol levels are also at risk of getting imbalanced. Usually,  the brain keeps track of cholesterol. But, when you inject more HGH, the brain loses track of cholesterol inside the body. So, it can result in a sudden growth in the cholesterol level.

5. It can welcome unwanted diseases inside your body, such as cancer cells, heart diseases, acromegaly, blood sugar-related diseases, and so on. It can also hamper your mental stability to some extent as well.

Natural Ways for Boosting Human Growth Hormone

So, to get the benefits of HGH while avoiding the side effects, you need to go with the natural methods. These are some of the best natural methods out there.

1. The easiest way to activate more HGH into your system is to start losing body fat. Your body fat stops the distribution of HGH across the body properly. So, losing body fat is conducive to having more HGH.

2. Try fasting on a regular basis to increase your Human Growth Hormone count. A study suggests that after fasting for three days straight, your body can increase the level of HGH up to 300%. This can then jump to 1300% after one week. So, fasting can work like magic.

3. Although it might sound tough, you have to give up sugar intake. Sugar raises your overall insulin level inside the body. This can then prevent natural Human Growth Hormone production and consume the majority of it. So, you should avoid sugar to improve the HGH production rate.

4. The brain releases the most amount of HGH during the night. So, you should avoid having a heavy meal before you go to bed, especially if it consists of a lot of high carbs and protein. Try keeping your meals light at night time to trigger an increase in HGH production inside the body.

5. Ever wonder why those gym enthusiasts have such a high level of muscle growth? Because exercises work very well, I must say. It is the most effective way to trigger your brain into releasing HGH. The more intensely you exercise, the higher the amount of HGH your body releases. It’s the best natural method of having more and more Human Growth Hormone inside your body.


Using Human Growth Hormone can either be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how you use it and to what extent. If it is used in a regulated manner, it can create wonderful effects in maintaining a healthy body.

But, it also comes with an increased chance of health risks which you should also take into account.

That’s all that we in our little pouch. Hope you have a 360-degree knowledge of HGH at the moment. Let us know about your thoughts about HGH and how you think it could be used in better ways. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Until then, stay healthy and stay sharp.

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