25+ Photos Showing The Spirit Of Humanity That Will Melt Even The Coldest Heart

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The human spirit is the strongest force that exists in our universe. While we may find it difficult to understand how things work in other cultures, as people, we are all united by emotions. No matter where we belong, we are joined by the bonds of humanity.

Check out these 25+ photos that reveal the strength of the human spirit.

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#28 A monk and a tiger share a meal.

#27 This picture is from 1967, 17-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir is giving a flower to a soldier near the Pentagon during the anti-war protests.

#26 This ten-year-old girl is celebrating her divorce from a much older husband.

#25 Doctors in China are expressing their gratitude to an 11-year-old boy who requested his liver and kidneys be donated. He was suffering from brain tumor.

#24 A three-week-albino baby and his cousin in peaceful sleep.

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#23 A man playing bamboo for this disabled boy who is like a son to him in Bali.

#22 Prof. Zbigniew Religa, sits after a successful 23-hour heart transplantation surgery, with his assistant sleeping in the corner.

#21 The patient Tadeusz Żytkiewicz, outlived the doctor who passed away in 2009.

#20 One day before their wedding anniversary, this woman is mourning by her husband’s grave.

#19 Spanish Civil War, 1963, a journalist is running with a child.

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#18 This woman breaks down in tears as she receives her husband’s remains, 60 years after he disappeared during the Korean War.

#17 The scars from a death camp

#16 They have stopped this lady from taking her own life in China.

#15 A protestor in Tiananmen Square, Beijing in 1989.

#14 During the service for the 9/11 victims, this musician in Vancouver, could not hold back her tears.

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#13 This child is from the Erbore tribe in Ethiopia.

#12 Rwanda: Pupils in the first classical ballet school after the genocide.

#11 Monks praying for world peace

#10 Northern Island: During the period of disorder, an Irish teenager screaming at British soldiers.

#9 The grandparents are taking a boy through the barbed wire fence of a refugee camp in Kosovo.

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#8 Korean War: A soldier is feeding the kitten

#7 A small girl is holding the hands of an American soldier

#6 Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, Life Magazine Cover, 1985

#5 This lady from the Ethiopian tribe Mursi is having a look at Vogue for the first time

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#4 Tehran: Two teenage girls

#3 This fireman just saved this little girl in the USA.

#2 Children of Arctic Circle. Tazov Peninsula, Russia.

#1 Guatemala: A little girl clinging to her cat.

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