Science Says Moms Get Stressed Twice As Much By Husbands Than Their Kids

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Mothers often have a running joke that their husbands act like an extra child in the family. But why do they say it? Is dealing with men really that stressful? Or do all women already know that men never grow up?

A survey conducted by TODAY shows more than half of all mothers feel this way. Among the 7000 US moms that took part in this survey, 46% said that their husbands are a bigger source of stress than their children.

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“A 7-year-old is going to be a 7-year-old. But a 35-year-old acting like a 7-year-old is more stressful because they should know better,” commented Deno Fleno, one of the moms taking part in the survey.

The survey also indicated that the stress level for mothers is quite high. The average stands at 8.5 out of 10. According to them, being unable to do the things they want due to lack of time is on par with the stress caused by spouses.

“I am exhausted emotionally and physically when my husband comes home. He feels like another job,” was one of the answers given to the survey.

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While there are some cases where the housework is divvied up equally, over 75% moms disagree with it. About one in five moms are stressed out on a daily basis because their spouse doesn’t provide enough help with household tasks.

Mothers insisted that the “dad-stress” they endure trumps all other stress. They blame it on the organizational habits of dads.

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Here’s what mothers had to say about the matter:

“Even though I have a committed spouse, I still feel like all the pressure is on ME to get everything done. I work just as many hours as my husband does, but yet I do all the scheduling.”

“I feel like I am figuring out a lot about parenting on my own without the input of my husband. This stresses me out because when something goes wrong, it is all my fault.”

“He gets all the time he wants and I get none. I can’t even take a relaxing bath without my husband bringing the baby to me.”

“Often times it seems like I am the only adult in my house. My husband and daughter compete with me for my attention.”

In addition, the survey revealed that a spouse being a bigger stress also applies to lesbian couples. Meanwhile, single mothers are reported to have the highest stress levels of all.

Therapist Fall Runkel believes that the survey results are very accurate and stress that communication between couples is very important.

“Marriage is a more difficult relationship than parenting,” he said.

Are you a mother facing similar problems? Share with us!

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