Husky Escapes Yard To Get A Hug From His Labrador Best Friend

Meet ‘Messy’ a cute Labrador hailing from Thailand. He lives with his mother Oranit Kittragul and this adorable yellow Lab is the definition of a true friend. He is often seen jumping fences to meet his husky friend – who lives on the other side of the street.  

Audi is a lonely dog as his owner works long hours and is rarely home. Like most pups that are left alone, he gets anxious and yearns for company. Messy, being the friendly dog that he is, steps in to keep Audi company.  

Meet ‘Messy’ – best friend to man and the next door Husky ‘Audi’.


“When [Audi] feels lonely and cries, I always ask my dog to see and talk to him,” Oranit told the media. “My dog just looks from my fence and sometimes he barks to [Audi]. I don’t know what they are communicating, but he stops crying.”

The day to return the friendship came soon enough. Audi’s owner forgot to lock the yard gate while going to work, and seizing on this golden opportunity to escape, guess where this lonely husky ran!  To Messy!

When Audi feels lonely, Messy is always there for him.


Kittragul observed the entire thing and saw Audi running to her fence and Messy was right there to greet his friend.

“He ran to my dog and they hugged each other,” Oranit said, snapping a photo of that tender moment.

Messy and Audi. Best Friends.


The embrace was brief and Audi shortly returned home. But both owners realized the deep bond the two dogs shared despite the fences and distance dividing them.

Arrangements are being made so that Audi and Messy can spend more time together. It’s heartening to see that one small kindness has turned into a beautiful friendship.

The owners are planning so that they both can spend more time together.


If you ever feel down then remember that no one should be alone in this world, a world that is full of love, especially when your friends are there for you!

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