Everything You Need to Know Hybrid Mattresses

Everything You Need to Know Hybrid Mattresses

We’ve all been in a store dazed and confused when it comes to buying mattresses. Some of us got coerced into buying an expensive mattress that turned out to be completely wrong for you. We’ve all been there. 

These days there are so many types of mattresses being made that it’s hard to keep up. New inventions of mattresses like the hybrid mattress which was first introduced in 2008 is a fusion of innerspring and foam. 

Hybrid mattresses combine the bounce, strength, and support of any other traditional innerspring mattresses but with an added layer of soft foam, latex or gel. 

Let’s take a closer look at why these mattresses are unique and how they can be of use to you in the long run.  

Why Hybrid Mattresses are Unique?

A hybrid mattress is unique because it provides a combination of some amazing features which ensure you have a more personalized and comfortable sleep. The materials used to configure and combine a hybrid mattress obviously differs from many manufacturers, but most hybrids usually include metal coils.

You’ll mostly find these in the traditional innerspring mattresses. 

The coils provide extra support. They are wrapped with fabric pockets which not only reduces noise from the spring but also reduces motion transfer as well. Your partner may be moving around in their sleep and you wouldn’t even feel it.

What makes them even more unique is that these mattresses have more than one layer of memory foam, latex or polyurethane which helps to relieve pressure from your shoulders, neck, and back and help you sleep better at night. 

Hybrid Mattresses: The Pros 

Features of the hybrid mattress can vary. It mostly depends upon the brand and model, but the amount of foam or gel used, the number of the thickness of the layers and coil systems can change too. 

With that being said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hybrid mattresses.  Let’s start with the Pros of hybrid mattresses. 

Comfort Level – Marvellous

The top layer is always super soft and comfortable. It is made from either gel, latex or polyethylene foam. These three layers cradle your body gently and fit its natural shape.  The weight is supported evenly and is distributed all across the surface.

This combination helps to not only ease pain from aching joints but also help to reduce stress on stiff and sore muscles. 

Magnificent Body Support

We already talked a little bit about how the mattress supports your body. The mattress can also reduce severe back, joint and neck pain. This is because most hybrid mattresses are made with synthetic foams and some exceptions include coil springs as well.  

Reasonable Value

If you thought hybrid mattresses would be too costly because of all these wonderful pros, well you thought wrong. They are actually reasonably priced. They may sound expensive, but they are actually priced much lower than an average memory or gel foam mattress of the same size.

After all that’s said and done your hybrid mattress promises the utmost comfort and durability. These mattresses last for a long time and are actually much more economical than their innerspring counterparts. 

Multipurpose Feature

Hybrid mattresses are a great choice if you’re looking for platform beds or the motorized adjustable bed frames that are all the rage these days. This mattress is perfect for the latter. It provides you with an amazing sleeping comfort, makes it possible to read in bed, watch tv or work on your laptop all at the same time.

Its great multipurpose function is what makes it one of the best mattresses out there. 

A Cool Night’s Sleep

Unlike memory foam, the top layer of gel and latex makes it possible to spread heat away from your body. Which results in you having a more comfortable and cooler sleeping experience. 

Ultimate Support

The ultimate edge support system of most hybrid mattresses makes it possible to leave a much larger useable sleeping surface area than any other traditional mattresses. 

The Cons Hybrid Mattresses 

As with every positive thing, there must be some cons as well. Let’s take a look at the cons of hybrid mattresses. 


Hybrid mattresses might be more difficult to move around as they are more likely to be heavier than innerspring or foam mattresses.

Smells Like Chemicals

The hybrid mattress gives off a small and temporary smell which usually goes away within a few days. More like off-gassing, a term used to describe the smell given off by chemicals in new paint jobs, upholstery, carpets, and sometimes mattresses. 

Longer Break-In Period

All mattresses take time to break them in, but for hybrid mattresses, they take a bit longer. 

Heat Retention

You don’t get to see this con pretty often since it depends on the person’s weight, the thickness of the memory foam layer, and the level of support provided by it. 

Why Would You Pick A Hybrid Mattress?

Mattresses are important to spend your time and investment upon because we spend a third of our lives on them. So, it matters what type of mattress you’re getting and it also makes sense for you to shop carefully too. 

If you’re still unsure about whether a hybrid mattress is the right choice for you or not, you can visit a few shops to check them out first. You can feel the many different brands and types of hybrid mattresses there are and also talk to a sleep consultant about the whole selection process. 

They will inform you about what the right size would be based on your own body size, weight, type and of course, sleeping position. Even if you’re not sure, you can visit these shops and give them a test run and gain knowledge about the mattresses before you invest your money on it.  

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to say that hybrid mattresses are designed to give you the ultimate comfort and support you have been looking for in all your previous mattresses. 

They are made to relieve pressure from your body and help you get a solid good night’s sleep. They are a great investment as well because these mattresses can be used for a long time without causing any damage. 

So, get yourself a hybrid mattress ASAP! 

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