Ice Cube’s Advice on Successful Marriage after Being Married for 25 Years

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Rapper turned movie actor, Ice Cube, has been married to his wife, Kimberly Woodruff for 25 years. And that’s no coincidence. Cube claims that they have worked together on the relationship to keep it alive even after four children.

Read on to find out the secrets to a long-lasting marriage as shared by Ice Cube.

Respect and Space

Ice cube and Kimberly Woodruff have immense respect for each other and their careers. They know exactly when to give some space to each other. When Cube exploded onto the scene of LA Riots with his hit songs, his wife was by his side.

Romance and Sex

The couple believes that marriage doesn’t need to end the romance and the sex. They know the secret ingredients to keep the flame alive eternally. They work together to make magic so the passion doesn’t fade away. They claim that keeping things simple and pleasurable is the right way to be together. So, they still grab their coffee and hang out together, and communicate openly with each other.


Both Cube and Kimberly love their food and the latter is a great cook. Another secret to staying together forever is to enjoy food together. Kimberly leads the kitchen department at home and Cube gives her the leeway. He believes that each should stick to what they’re good at doing.

A Relationship Pro

Cube has had many music ventures with other collaborators and all of them have been successful. No wonder he knows how to maintain a long and strong relationship with the love of his life. He can’t over-stress on how great a role respect and independence can play to make a marriage last the way theirs have.

Here’s to the match made in heaven! Read 

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