16 Astonishingly Convenient Things That Are Found Only in Japan

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They say necessity is the mother of invention. That’s true, at least in Japan. With scarce natural resources, the Japanese find ingenious ways to make ordinary things extraordinary and more convenient. With a keen aesthetic sense combined with creative skills, Japan offers some of the best things in life that other countries should emulate.

FeedFond has collected images of 16 great things from Japan that other countries should adopt.

#16 Power nap

Japanese are allowed to take a power nap after they’ve had lunch at work. So, it’s alright for them to doze off instead of fighting the overpowering sleep that gets us right after lunch.

#15 Public announcements

The loudspeakers in public places in Japan are used for giving warnings to people in the event of an earthquake or tsunami. When these emergency announcements are not needed, the loudspeakers play music and remind the children in the evening when it’s time to go home.

#14 Kotatsu

A Kotatsu—or the heated table—is great as a warmer. It is covered by a blanket heated from below. You can snuggle under the table and keep the cold at bay.

#13 Cat cafes

Here’s something unique to warm you up—cat cafes. Spend hours in these cafes and cuddle cats for as long as you like

#12 Music to your ears


There are some roads in Japan where music is played to reduce the monotony of driving for a long stretch.

#11 Capsule hotels

As the name suggests, capsule hotels in Japan are wide enough for only one person to have a great rest.

#10 Automatic taxi doors

Japan’s love for automation is manifest in automatic taxi doors. You don’t need to slam it shut anymore!

#9 Poppers


To reduce stress, the Japanese pop endless bubble wraps that are attached to their key chains.

#8 Multi-functional toilets


Automation can be seen at its best in the multi-functional toilets of Japan. These are great for both people with or without physical disabilities. The toilet seats heat up automatically and the toilet can even clean itself.

#7 Free hankies


Tissue paper is free in Japan. So, in case you have a cold and forgot to bring a hanky, the resources in public places will come to your rescue.

#6 Foot spas in trains


For stress relief, the suburban trains in Japan come fitted with foot spas. So, when you’re on a long journey home, relax by getting a foot treatment.

#5 Chairs for holding bags


If you’re worried about where to hang your bag, Japan has the answer. A wedge in the backrest of the chair serves to hold your bag and prevent it from sliding off.

#4 Cans with Braille


The Japanese would like the blind to know what they’re drinking. So, the name of the drink is written in Braille on the top of the can.

#3 Double-level parking spaces

Since Japan is tight for space, they have invented an ingenious way of parking cars—on double-level parking spaces.

#2 Special vending machines


These special vending machines in Japan are meant for better time management. Not only do these vending machines serve up drinks and chocolates, these also give pet food, fried potatoes, boiled eggs, and pasta.

#1 Gas stations

The pipes that deliver gas to cars hang down from above so that drivers avoid a situation where they can’t reach the gas tank on their car.

Which one do you think is the best? Share your views with us in the Comments section below.

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