8 Ways to Deal With Insomnia During Early Pregnancy

Ways to Deal With Insomnia in Early Pregnancy Featured

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Are you a new mom-to-be who is struggling to get enough sleep at night? You might be suffering from insomnia in early pregnancy. This is a common disorder among pregnant women in all stages of their pregnancies.

Before dealing with it, you should first acknowledge that insomnia in early pregnancy doesn’t really affect your baby. So, there is no need to stress yourself out too much over having sleepless nights.

In fact, you can fight off your insomnia by following a few handy tips and guidelines we’ve provided below. 

What is Insomnia during Early Pregnancy?

What is Insomnia during Early Pregnancy?Insomnia is a chronic sleep disorder. It’s the struggle of not being able to sleep even when the conditions are suitable. The third trimester is when insomnia hits its peak.

Eight out of 10 pregnant women experience insomnia. The physical and emotional changes can take over your sleep pattern.

Certain hormonal changes, back pain, breast tenderness, vivid dreams, heartburn, leg cramps, or abdominal soreness with a growing belly can cause discomfort and stop you from falling asleep.

And the worst part is the constant need to urinate that consistently breaks up your sleep.

Difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in staying asleep or waking up too early are the major complaints of insomnia sufferers. So how do you get around this?

Let’s discuss the solutions you can use to deal with insomnia in early pregnancy. 

1. Identify what Problems are Actually Hindering your Sleep

Identify what Problems are Actually Hindering your SleepFora first timer, pregnant women need to adapt to all sorts of new things. So take a notebook and picture all the problems you go through while trying to sleep. It could be your uncomfortable bed, pillow or your back pain.

Write down all the difficulties and complications you face and then try to sort them out one by one. 

2. Make a Productive Daily Routine

Make a Productive Daily RoutineAs a mom-to-be, you won’t understand the importance of a productive day until you manage it. At the early stages of pregnancy, many future moms get carried away by fatigue and find that they need to rest all day.

So why don’t you start with the morning routine first? Start by writing down your current routine first. Set a good time to wake up and create a relaxing morning routine. The right routine can be a sort of meditation.

Add some more refreshing and worthwhile activities into your routine. Then, attempt to follow this routine every day – even while you’re struggling with insomnia during early pregnancy.

Catnapping and relaxing all day won’t help you to sleep better at night

3. Work Out and Exercise

Work Out and Exercise

Stretching and exercising can help to energize a pregnant woman. Workouts, whether it’s yoga or a brisk walk can have many benefits during pregnancy.

Fatigue and physical issues are mostly at play when it comes to insomnia during early pregnancy. By working out, you won’t only get rid of those problems but also the exhaustion good exercise brings can help you have a good night’s sleep.

Joining yoga classes for pregnant women is a great option. You will meet up with other moms-to-be and share one other’s experiences. You can get some useful and unique pregnancy tips from them as well. 

4. Read Books

Reading books during your pregnancy is one of the most soothing pastimes. Good books can help to calm one’s mind.

Whether you prefer to read poetry and inspirational books, or engaging in a fantasy novel, reading is a great way to escape and relax your body and mind. Reading before bedtime is a great way to help insomnia in early pregnancy. 

5. Keep Journals

Keep JournalsPregnancy is a blessing in every woman’s life. The transformation that happens is incredible and you should be sure to document it. Take photos and videos as well as take the time to write down your feelings and experiences.

As a new mom, you go through lots of feelings. Excitement, anxiety, stress and hundreds of other feelings. So why not pour out all your emotions and thoughts as a way to deal with insomnia in early pregnancy.

Digital journaling is also possible. But writing it with your own hand will feel more soothing. Getting everything off your chest will no doubt lessen your stress and help you to organize your life and plans for motherhood. 

6. Hydration and Healthy Food

Hydration and Healthy FoodInbetween the busy daily routines, we often forget the most essential task – drinking enough water. Just after waking up, you should drink a large glass of water and continue this for the rest of the day.

To make the taste more appealing, you can warm the water or add some fresh lemons. Keep hydrating yourself if you are facing insomnia in early pregnancy.

Many pregnant moms-to-be follow a diet plan. Some follow it strictly and some take it lightly. Whichever category you fall into, be aware of your dinner time. Eating dinner and going to bed straight afterward isn’t a good idea.

Try and eat a healthy dinner as early as possible, at least several hours before you get into bed. Lastly, drinking a mug of warm milk before going to bed can also make you sleepy! 

7. Don’t Force Sleep

Don’t Force SleepLying in bed and forcing yourself to go to sleep is the worst thing you can do. It will only make you more frustrated which will keep you awake. Instead, you should only go to bed when you feel sleepy.

There are a few ways to tire yourself out for a good night’s sleep. You could listen to soothing music, watch your favorite movie or read a good book. Try this whenever you have insomnia in early pregnancy. 

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8. Relax and Get Comfortable

Relax and Get ComfortableThe places we sleep in plays another vital role. And while you are pregnant, having a relaxing sleeping area becomes much more crucial. With a baby in your belly, it would be very unfair to sleep in an uncomfortable bed or in a noisy or stressful environment.

Decorate your room the way you want. For a good night sleep, you can light a few scented candles to avoid insomnia in early pregnancy.  A simple and minimalist room with a comfortable bed is just what you need.

Try to relax before sleep and after waking up by using meditation techniques. 

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Final Thoughts

It’s harder for new moms-to-be to handle insomnia in early pregnancy. But insomnia is not a deadly or incurable disease. Just applying a few lifestyle tips and organizing your life can completely get rid of it.

Make sure you are eating a healthy meal several hours before bedtime, exercising regularly and removing the stress from your everyday life.

Instead of taking pill after pill, change your routines and habits and you can get rid of your insomnia fast!

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